The so-called “Hampstead Satanic Cult” should be a warning to the credulous

Lovers of paedophile and Satanist conspiracies have been having a wonderful time recently with their claims that a Satanist paedophile ring has been operating from Christ Church Church of England Primary School in Hampstead, a beautiful part of North London not far from where I used to live.

Christ Church Hampstead

Such scares blow up from time to time and they always turn out to be nonsense, or at least, if they contain a grain of truth, to be hugely exaggerated. However on this occasion I have paid more than passing attention because the school in question happens to be where two of my children learnt to read and write and where they spent seven exceptionally happy years.

I have had no involvement with the school since 2008, but the Head Teacher and many of the other teachers and staff, as well as the Parish priest, are the same now as they had been then.

When the previous Head Teacher left in 2007 there were some parents, myself included, who thought that her deputy, an inspirational teacher loved by children and staff alike ought to have got the job. The governors disagreed and the post went to an outsider who quickly proved to be a great success, while the former deputy was immediately snapped up to become Head of another Primary School. These things happen and the school continued to prosper under its new Head. It was, justifiably, hugely over-subscribed.

In September last year two children returned from a holiday with their mother, Ella Draper, and her boyfriend, Abraham Christie.  She had been separated from their father, Ricky Dearman, for several years. She had alleged that he had been violent towards her, and had taken out a non-molestation injunction against him (such an injunction does not require proof of violence).  For his part, Mr Dearman had had endless problems getting contact with the children and the contact dispute had drifted through seven different judges and nine court hearings with no resolution.

Ms Draper and Mr Christie returned from their holiday with video recordings on a mobile phone. In them the children claimed that they had been sexually abused by numerous people, including their father, other parents and virtually all the teachers and staff at Christ Church school.

The children were taken to the police who formally interviewed them (in what are known as “Achieving Best Evidence” or “ABE” interviews). They repeated the allegations which were wide-ranging, exceptionally serious and, to anyone not already steeped in the belief that cults of Death Eaters, Illuminati and Satanists are operating to prey on innocent children, ought to have been regarded as patently ridiculous.

The interviews were summarised by the Pauffley J, the High Court Judge who ruled last week on Barnet Council’s application to take the children into care:

The children both describe killing and eating babies, drinking blood, being anally penetrated and being injected with drugs. They provide details of all the people who have been involved – all the teachers, parents of children at the school, social services. P says that the killing of babies is done with “cleavers”; the blood from the babies is poured into a “silver bowl” and she and her brother are “sold for £50 each every single day.” When P is asked what sex is, she initially says it’s when they are hit with a big plastic stick between their legs. Then she says “real sex is, like, they get plastic willies, they stick it in our bum, that’s what kind of sex they do.” When asked about the people involved in these activities, P suggests the police should “catch the whole school, catch all the staff there.” She adds a little later that “all the Hampstead schools do it.”

Q tells the police all about the plastic willies, who makes them and how his dad has the biggest because he’s “the boss of every single thing.” Q says that his bottom bleeds and that the last time this happened was on the last day of school when there was a big party. All the children, says Q, “do sex to him;” and at the end of the party his Dad “kills babies and eats the meat.” Like P, Q suggests that “all the teachers, (his) dad’s friends … and also the parents who are really mean” to him are involved.”

Even the school nurse (a delightful motherly woman who was always on hand in my day to apply an elastoplast to grazed knees) was said to be involved in giving sinister injections; and needless to say the Parish priest – a blameless High Church Anglican – was implicated. There were said to be secret rooms in the Church. Babies’ skulls featured in weird rituals. Even nearby businesses were part of the cult. A shoe repair shop in East Finchley apparently used baby skins to make shoes and a nearby MacDonalds was used for murders and body boiling.

Absurd and utterly incredible such allegations appear now, and so they should have appeared to the police at the time. Police were actually given an audio recording of the mother’s boyfriend “coaching” the children at a friend’s house. The friend appears to have been sufficiently concerned for the children’s welfare to have recorded what was happening on his mobile phone.

Unfortunately, in what seems to be the fashionable way, rather than approach the allegations sceptically the police decided to “believe the victims” and treated them, at least to start with, as true. The recording of the children being coached was simply put in a cupboard and, it seems, ignored. The police took the children on a drive around Hampstead so that they could point out venues where abuse had taken place.

More seriously they were also subjected to not one but two separate intimate anogenital examinations by Dr Deborah Hodes.

Dr Hodes is an extremely big shot in the world of child protection. According to the University College Hospital website:

Deborah Hodes is a Consultant Community Paediatrician in the community trust for the London Borough of Camden and at University College London Hospitals. Deborah studied medicine at the Royal London Hospital and trained in paediatrics …. Deborah is a fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and has an active role there as a co-opted member of the Child Protection Standing Committee and writes for their publications. She represented the College on the Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation that reported in 2013 and now is the representative on the Children’s Commissioners Inquiry into child sexual abuse.

Her key interest is in safeguarding children. She is Designated Doctor in Child Protection in Camden. She teaches both locally and nationally and at UCLH she leads the student teaching of community paediatrics. At UCLH her clinic includes the assessment of children with complex safeguarding presentations including historic sexual abuse.”

Big shot or not, Dr Hodes did not cover herself in glory in this case.

She found, or thought she found, signs of scars or healed fissures around the anuses of both children. On the second examination, a few days later, she found “reflex anal dilatation” in one child. It was supposed findings of RAD, of course, that led to the wrongful diagnosis of child abuse in large numbers of children in Cleveland in the 1980s. It remains a somewhat controversial diagnostic tool. The best that can be said for it is that it may be, but is not necessarily, an indication that sexual abuse has taken place.

A few days after this, both children withdrew their allegations at a further police interview.

A subsequent meeting with other doctors caused Hodes to significantly amend her findings in relation to the “fissures”. Far from being injuries, she conceded that (in the Judge’s words):

previously confirmed fissures were said to be irregularities in the ruggae (folds, wrinkles or ridges) and their clinical significance was described as “possible normal variant.”

This concession seems to have been overlooked by those who continue to insist that the medical evidence “unequivocally” established that the children had been sexually abused.

Nevertheless, Dr Hodes concluded:

the extensive and detailed accounts given by both children, repeated to different professionals, contain details of sexual acts that such young children would need to have had some sort of direct experience (sic).”

Such an observation does not sound like a medical finding so much as a speculative guess; a sort of perverse wishful thinking. The idea that other people could have told the children about sexual acts, thereby allowing the children to repeat them, either didn’t occur to Dr Hodes, or if it did occur she dismissed it as inconceivable.

Even as recently as February 5th Dr Hodes was still treating the children’s allegations (which they themselves had long since admitted were false) as credible:

the overall situation is such that it is my view that the allegations / accounts need to be taken very seriously despite the confusing picture.

The children’s withdrawal of the allegations, to use her word, their “recantations” Joan of Arc: recanted her recantation

Joan of Arc: recanted her recantation

(a concept familiar to students of mediaeval heresy trials, when a timely recantation could sometimes save you, as it nearly saved Joan of Arc, from being burnt at the stake) were brushed aside, as though they merely served to confirm the truth of the original allegations:

Until a study in 2007 it was mostly thought that recantation rates were related to the certainty with which child sexual abuse is substantiated and that retraction of true allegations is rare and that when retraction occurs the allegation is likely to be false. Lindsay et al found a recantation rate of 16.9% in 257 substantiated cases of CSA which had relied on formal interviews by police and social services.” (One could have added another “sic” there; the study to which she referred was actually by a Lindsay C. Malloy, although perhaps that was the judge’s slip).

She recommended:

a series of more detailed observations and assessments over a longer period of time by a psychiatrist or psychotherapist with a particular interest and expertise in child maltreatment including sexual abuse.”

The Judge described this as “bemusing” because the children had already been subjected to detailed psychiatric examinations.

In fact, as Pauffley’s judgment makes clear, far from demonstrating that they had had any experience of sexual acts, the physical findings were completely inconclusive. The judge ruled that there had been no satanic cult or sexual abuse, and there was a simple though unpleasant reason why the children had claimed that there had been:

The children’s false stories came about as the result of relentless emotional and psychological pressure as well as significant physical abuse. Torture is the most accurate way to describe what was done by Mr Christie in collaboration with Ms Draper.”

The whole affair is deeply disconcerting on a number of levels.

Lots of people believed, and still believe this farrago of nonsense

The chances that a Satanic paedophile ring of this sort could operate at a Primary School are nil. The idea that large numbers of children could be sodomised with dildos every Wednesday and made to watch babies being murdered, and that their parents would not notice something a little odd going or that they would approve of it is patently ridiculous. The idea that all the parents were themselves in on the Satanism is itself absurd.

At least 5 members of the teaching and administrative staff who were present in my day have been named as Satanic abusers. So I can speak from personal experience. Without exception all of them are gentle, caring people who have devoted themselves to the school and the welfare of the children who have attended it.

Yet according to the mother’s latest video the cult has been in existence “for decades.” Well, it hasn’t. If it had been, my children would have been victims of it, and I would have been a perpetrator. They weren’t and I wasn’t.

One wonders, even in a hugely over-subscribed Church of England Primary School, how were these Satanic parents selected?

Are they chosen from amongst the ranks of the Illuminati, known to each other through participation in secret Satanic Covens?

If so, something went wrong in my case. I am not an Illuminatus, whatever that may be. I have never attended a Satanic coven and would not know what to do in the unlikely eventuality of finding myself at one. Far from enjoying naked sacrificial rituals in candlelit catacombs, I shudder at the prospect of having to shake hands with my neighbour in a Church of England “Sign of the Peace.”

Instead, we filled in a form and explained that we wanted our children to be taught enough about religion to make up their own minds when they were old enough to do so. We had a walk around the school, a chat to the then Head Mistress and we spent a few weeks on a waiting list.

At no time were we asked about our willingness to participate in Satanic orgies, nor was our consent sought to allow the teachers to bugger our children with dildos. If it had been, that would have raised serious questions over whether this was the right school for us.

So it is bunkum.

Yet a relentless internet campaign has been waged, and continues to be waged, to represent a non-existent paedophile ring at an excellent Primary School as merely the tip of an iceberg of similar abuse elsewhere. The unfortunate children (whose videos remain easily available on “truther” websites), who were tortured into making the allegations against the father that they loved, are described as “whistleblowers,” and explicit links are made to similar unproven allegations so as to suggest by a process of attrition that there are paedophile rings in every corner of society.

It is an odd coincidence that one of Ms Draper’s two “McKenzie Friends” (a non lawyer who is permitted to sit in court and assist a litigant in person) is a woman called Belinda McKenzie, who for some years has been one of the leading proponents of the myth that the Downs Syndrome child Hollie Greig was abused by a Scottish establishment paedophile ring. (Anyone who wishes to know more about Hollie Greig would do well to read Anna Raccoon’s superb 2010 dissection of the hysteria). The other is the thoroughly malignant Sabine McNeill, who seems (like the mother) to have left the country in order to continue her campaign without fear of arrest for contempt of court or harassment.

Unfortunately it is not just a few isolated fruitcakes who believe this stuff. That a respected doctor like Dr Hodes could take it seriously, even after the children’s allegations had been both withdrawn and discredited, suggests a dangerous willingness to believe nonsense, amongst even those who ought to to be the most scientifically scrupulous. Likewise, the attitude of the police when the allegations were first made seems to have been to believe the children and to ignore the recordings of their coaching which would have cast huge doubt over the affair.

Real people are damaged

No babies have been murdered, no children have been raped and no virgin blood drunk. But the propagation of the myth of the Hampstead paedophile ring is still immensely cruel to real people. The videos of the children themselves are, in effect, videos of child abuse. The effect of constantly posting and reposting these videos will be to expose the children to ridicule and bullying by their peers, whilst the psychological effects of being constantly reminded of their false stories can only be guessed at.

Nor should the cruelty to adults be overlooked. Practically all the teaching and administrative staff at Christ Church School have been named as members of the Satanic cult, along with many parents. It may be possible to laugh off such nonsense, but when the same allegations are repeated again and again for months it surely cannot be easy to do so. Some people, as the judge noted, have received threatening messages, something that has been facilitated by websites that have listed personal contact details to assist bullies. Online reviews of the school advise people to keep their children away. Church goers are picketed on Sunday mornings. Teachers are urged to strip off to prove that they don’t have devil tattoos on their private parts, as though it is in any way reasonable that anyone should have to humiliate themselves at the behest of crazy troublemakers.

The trouble with these sorts of campaign is that they work.

Almost nobody has the time, even if they had the inclination, to get to the bottom of an internet scare story. To follow the twists and turns of the Hollie Greig hoax, for example, would, by now, require the patience of a saint and the research skills of a Doctor of Philosophy. The same, I fear, will soon be true of the Hampstead Satanic Cult hoax, and no doubt that that is the intention of those who are orchestrating it. Eventually the truth becomes so entangled in thickets of deception and confusion that it disappears altogether to be replaced, at best, by a vague feeling that “something must have gone wrong.” There are already cries of cover-up. Soon, perhaps, there will be calls for an inquiry.

It is impossible to follow the development of the Hampstead Cult story, or the Hollie Greig hoax, without seeing parallels with the allegations of a historical VIP paedophile and murder ring that are being enthusiastically peddled by Exaro News in association with the Sunday People.

Of course it is possible, in fact it is virtually inevitable, that during the 1970s and 1980s Parliament, the armed forces and the intelligence services contained paedophiles. No doubt some of them committed offences against children.  It is also, of course, possible that some or all of these organisations contained murderers.

What is in issue here is something quite different: that MPs, Ministers and senior officials participated in organised child abuse and murder, and then colluded in covering it up.

It is impossible to say with complete certainty that there was no such VIP paedophile ring and no murders but there are warning signs that should make us extremely cautious.

First, the central allegation, that children were murdered at orgies attended by Leon Brittan, other politicians and “VIPs” is on its face lurid, bizarre and improbable. The idea that politicians and others would stand by and watch murders taking place; that the bodies could be disposed of and everyone who knew of the crime, including people who were horrified by it, would simply remain silent for 30 or 40 years is inherently unlikely.

Secondly, the story has grown in complexity and confusion as the months have passed. Allegations of cover-ups in high places abound; ex-police officers are said to have been ordered to drop sensitive investigations. Complaints have been made to the IPCC. Talk is of of “D notices” and the Official Secrets Act, dossiers and missing dossiers; links are asserted between Dolphin Square and the Elm Guest House. Hints are dropped that children’s homes in Wales and Jersey are involved. Thanks to Exaro News we even have a detailed account of one of the alleged murders at Dolphin Square (said to have taken place in front of someone known as “Nick”), and of another murder on a Suffolk Estate (said to have taken place in front of someone known as “Darren”),  though we know next to nothing of those making the allegations and have no means of judging their veracity. We are invited simply to put our trust in Exaro. The stories are already so many and so varied that some will be tempted to conclude that there must be something in them. The assertion that wicked things have happened and that they have been deliberately covered up has been repeated for so long that it becomes ever harder for anyone to doubt. It is easy to see how in such an atmosphere the fairness of any criminal trial would be horribly compromised.

Thirdly, the police have let it be known that they are treating the allegations of murder as “credible and true” It is hard to know what this actually means. It is one thing to describe an allegation as “credible” (meaning it is “capable of belief”), quite another to say it is “true.”

To announce that a murder allegation is “true” before any real investigation has taken place and even before any body has been found, suggests a dangerous lack of professional scepticism: exactly the sort of mindset, in fact, that was criticised by Pauffley J in the Hampstead case. The police should be investigating “Nick” and “Darren’s” claims, not simply looking for evidence to support them. As a proper scientist looks for evidence to disprove a hypothesis, so a proper police investigation should be actively looking for evidence to undermine their claims. Perhaps this is happening, though the public pronouncements suggest otherwise.

Moreover, announcing that “Darren” and “Nick” are regarded as truthful has the effect of warning anyone who may have a contrary account to give, that the police will regard their accounts as untruthful. Why go to the police with information that might undermine Nick and Darrren if the police have already publicly announced that they will regard your account as “untruthful”?

Should any of these allegations ever come to trial, the declaration by a senior police officer that he thought the claims were true, even before the investigation had properly got under way would invite a comment along these lines from the defence advocate:

Was this a fair and objective inquiry, members of the jury? Or did the police approach it with the blinkered preconception that Nick and Darren must be believed? Were they blind to the possibility that there was no VIP paedophile ring, no high level cover up and, in fact, no murders?

And who was really running this investigation, the police or a sensationalist news organisation and its tabloid newspaper partner?”

Fourthly, the Exaro paedophile ring allegations, just like the Hampstead cult allegations, have caused, and will continue to cause, real distress to real people. Bandying around accusations and innuendoes of rape and murder is not something to be undertaken lightly, or because a news organisation is intent on whipping up a story. Yet we have had well-publicised police raids on the recently widowed Lady Brittan, the nonagenarian war hero Lord Bramall and the ex-MP Harvey Proctor. It is in the nature of these stories that even if no charges are ever brought, people will believe that these people are in some way implicated in rape, paedophilia and murder.

These are not trivial concerns.

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Author: Matthew

I have been a barrister for over 25 years, specialising in crime. You may also have come across some of my articles I have written on legal issues for The Times, Standpoint, Daily Telegraph or Criminal Law & Justice Weekly

330 thoughts on “The so-called “Hampstead Satanic Cult” should be a warning to the credulous”

  1. “Well, it hasn’t. If it had been, my children would have been victims of it, and I would have been a perpetrator. They weren’t and I wasn’t.”

    Well, you’ve done it now – trust me! Having personal experience of having been present, witnessed no abuse, nor been abused yourself is not ‘evidence’ – it is a sign that you are in De Nile or somewhere like that.

    Soon there will be plethora of articles on the net saying that you aren’t a barrister at all, you’re a Trojan horse, and neigh in the middle of the night.

    Having personal experience and knowing what you’re talking about means nothing compared to the beliefs of a dedicated ‘Truther’ hunched over its computer…..

    At one point, the ‘Hollie Greig hoax’ boasted a Facebook following of 25,000. 24,998 of whom landed on my head when I first debunked the story,and as you quite rightly say, there are still a handful of people who believe it totally – in fact one of the first acts of ‘vengeance’ against the departed Jimmy Savile was to spray ‘Justice for Hollie Grieg’ on the side of his remote cottage halfway up the Scottish highlands……that’s a dedicated Truther for you, in the middle of the night, too!

    Excellent article.

      1. Another lying barrister!
        Listening to the boy via You Tube it is clearly true since his account is the same, more or less exactly, as all the other satanists-abused children say, worldwide – How can they all be lying?
        Director C.R.Nightshelters Charity.

        1. Of course it was. Abraham Christie would have knowledge of all the historical satanic panics – all from online, just like you. It was HIM who told the boy what to say on camera.

      2. i believe your right after seeing the videos, how Russian whore acted thats what she worked as wasnt it a prostitute? for drugs and money? she would on balance of probability do say anything for men for a few dimes include use her children.

    1. As the author of the website – i.e. the hoax that it is, I have to agree with Anna. If this excellent article find’s it’s way into the right hands, prepare yourself LOL. YOU, will become a paedophile and your children will become victims……perhaps they will even go on to become abusers themselves as was suggested in the HG campaign at one point. I forget the mountain of names and accusations that have been levelled at myself.

      The Hampstead Hoax is almost a mirror image of the Hollie Greig Hoax. As Robert Green served jail time for his part in the HG Hoax, I expect someone will be serving some jail time for this hoax too – and quite rightly so.

      After 4 years working on the Hollie Greig case, I handed my website over to other parties recently and sadly it has now suffered a virus which has taken it offline. I believe it is in the process of being rebuilt – once done, you may want to avail yourself to the evidence there….it is complicated, but I maintain it was the best place to understand the story and read the verifiable evidence which included Police and medical documents.

      Alternatively you can learn a little more about the Hampstead Hoaxers here:

      Excellent article, well written, well done!

      1. The one who should be doing ‘jail time’ is the cabal of pathetic nonce coverup gatekeeper shills and apologists such as yourself, McLeod, Shaw/Keely – and the Scaberdeen paedophile Satanist cult scum who abused Hollie and a host of other defenceless kiddies at the Beechwood Special School.

      2. you sick motherfucker. why would you write this bullshit up. you deserve the worst of the worst. just because you cannot wrap your mind around such horrific organized crime, doesnt mean it doesnt exist. Satan is the ruler of this world, and our leaders are followers of him. you seriously need to wake the fuck up, unless you are in fact working for them, which is very possible.

        1. I’m pretty sure that this lawyer is working with them unfortunately. Otherwise, why on earth would be spend so much of his time writing up such BS, instead of getting paid!

          1. i agree, this “lawyer ” is a HOAX…pedo rings are real…sad but true…and they are protected by powerful forces….like lawyers and police

        2. Listen bitches. I am the ruler of this world and satan is my whore. If I tell him to make me a sammich he better to it fast and with a happy heart. Or I will eat his fucken babies.

      3. ‘You him them with a spoon’
        Long article cui bono?
        Evil reigns. Mk ultra survivors confirm this abuse carried out at the highest levels and it’s coming into public awareness as the inténational financial system collapses, scape goats will be sort and gallows will return on every street corner, when everyone learns the truth.
        Has a lier and they are telling the truth.

      4. You are part of the problem. You are most likely involved in some way with these low vibrational beings. Children are always subjected to the evils of adults.
        Coming from a very similiar environment reading your blog makes me sick. However, I am at my very core, satisfied that there will be a culling soon. Our world will be rid of this sick, perverse, insane kind of programming and crimes against children.

    2. Do you not understand that a system has been created where children are disappearing all the time, where are they going. women have babies who are sacrificed. That the shadow elites control the police, courts, judges, social workers and councils now. This is happening and I feel sick that people like you cannot understand that this is happening and just because it did not happen to you at that school does not mean it did not happen to those poor children. They looked totally sincere to me, they had scarring on their anuses etc. signs of sexual abuse. Many judges are corrupt and are in the masons and there is a massive protection rackets of paedophiles in high authority and lower down the ranks as well. S occultism is rife and it’s underground and nobody talks about it because they are afraid because bad things can happen to them. I’m shocked to the core that you people think these children are lying, wake up and smell the roses. These children were manipulated to change their accounts because the police, courts etc who protect these cults which links high up to the shadow elites e.g. free masonary but very high up. What about the Norfolk paedophile ring? social workers a load of them involved!! what about child stealing by the courts? for money and paedos, exposed by a social worker who refused to stitch parents up and tried to take it through the courts and they got to her, took her property and put her in a mental institution, intimidated her. This is real, why on earth would those children make all that up? children don’t lie about these things and I’m ashamed that people like you cannot believe that those children have been manipulated, blackmailed into changing their accounts. When you understand how corrupt the system is you will get it, do your research! There are women exposing how they went to S cult rituals within castles and the shadow elites including certain popes were there and they were tortured and raped and had to witness ritualisations of children, just because you don’t witness it does not mean it’s not happening. Someone I know told me his friend just come back from working in Germany and he was ordaned into S occultism, he had sex with a high preistess in the Black forest, he showed him his evil tattoos and said it’s rife in Germany, well it’s not just rife there, wake up!

      1. It’s either because he is a part of the pedophiles himself, or he’s obviously completely unintelligent and unaware, and has absolutely no skill in deciphering the truth from lies.

        The Hampstead COVERUP, not hoax, is a microcosm to the macrocosm of children across the world being abused ritualistically.

      2. Don’t waste your breathe on replying to this ridiculous barrister who is just showing us readers that he is deep within the exact same cult!

        1. ..and what would be the name of this nameless fictional “Cult” of Abraham Christie’s, Nicki?

      3. My aunt Alice and uncle Bill Kirby were both taken by my “grandfather” to satanic rituals where they were raped by him and many other adults along with other children from toddler age to about 9 years old or so. My grandmother finally discovered what was happening and he was taken down. The courts had all the evidence they needed. Dr. Reports, pentegrams, ritual items the works. It was confirmed yet it all goes under the radar. My aunt and uncle are both dead now because of habitual heavy drug abuse. My aunt received the Holy Ghost and spent the last year of her life with me. I always knew what happened from my mother but found out the little details from my aunt the year we were together. What is troubling to me about this case is how extremely similar these kids original testimony was to what really happened to Alice and Bill!!! This kind of stuff was very difficult for me when I found out it was true so I can understand how it is hard for people to believe. Unfortunately these things are happening everywhere right under the worlds nose!!! It’s real, it’s real, it is soooo very real!! Wanted to share because the author of this and the world needs to know. That is the only way something will be done. I believe in Jesus Christ and do believe He is returning to put an end to all this very soon. God bless!!!!

        1. Hi Bo. I can`t begin to imagine other peoples pain…. but I do have compassion, passion/ strive for the safety of other people/ HUMANITY!!! Please feel free to contact me at – I am not a journalist/ investigative journalist, but I want HUMANITY to thrive and live in peace! Thanks to the `blockchain` that is beginning to happen. Not by my standards, but many others (GLOBALLY) kids should be protected… AND WILL BE (I hope)!!! x

        2. I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe he was a carpenter and a really nice bloke. EVERYTHING else written, in whichever book you wish to follow was written for mainly one purpose – to control women. Have a close look at ALL religions and you will see the same theme running through them….men controlling women…. among other things.

          As for satanic abuse, it’s all utter cobblers!!

          Whenever there is a case of so called SRA, when you take a forensic look at the evidence, it never stands up…..just like there is zero proof of any religion. All cobblers.

    3. organized sexual abuse of a child develops their neural architecture to create “alters” (dissociative identiies) that allow the satanic priests to control the abused throughout their entire life. it is a form of hypnosis basically. both knights of malta (catholic freemasons) and protestant freemasons engage in these activities and occasionally indulge themselves in a practice called “football”- where they kick victims about in a near neverending sick game trying to out fox each each other.

      the advancedment of technology has led to some victims having been subjected to a covert operation where a artifical radio receiving implant is placed near to their left ear drum (all things “left” pertaining to the path of destruction in the world of the occult), which coupled with the hypnosis installed whilst they were children allows the priests to whisper commands into the victims head and control them completely. it comes as no surprise that many victims quickly acquire a diagnosis of mental health problems, which is ideal for the cult covens as it provides them with plausible deniability in case the victims should manage to divulge the abuse they have suffered and are suffering to police officers. lawyers etc who are not part of a coven themselves.

      most coven commanders are also police officers. upon reaching the rank of chief superintendent said officer has to swear a oath of allegience (complete obedience) to the monarch.

      it is not uncommon for covens to abuse the offspring of victims as well- a practice which increases the control power as each secussive generation perpetuates aka “monarch programming”.

      revelations chapter 9 verse 11 – that is what the attack on the etc in 2001 was really about…

        1. It’s astonishing that there are people who actually believe the rubbish they type.

          It’s got to the point where it seems that they actually WANT all this abuse to be happening, as opposed to looking at these “cases” rationally. If that is true, that they really want/need to believe it’s all going on, then I have to wonder at their own mindset and sexual proclivities.

          Those who shout the loudest and point the finger at others (and away from themselves) tend to have the most to hide, usually hidden in the depths of their own murky and very questionable minds.

    4. I call bullshit on this article. CHildren cannot lie so precisely…and adults cannot either…you can clearly see the psycho father is totally acting in his interview…all the freemasonic satanic fucks know how to act, but they are pretty bad at it…zero tears equals fake…thats how u spot a crisis actor. again, children dont lie nearly as easy as adults can, and for each child to be spot on about every detail is next to impossible to acheive. as for the medical findings, again propoganda on your part to not look at the mountain of evidence regarding the abuse of these children. satanism is a very real thing and the people who run the world work for the dark lord…this is why this is being covered up so immensly. and you sir are working for this, it is kind of obvious.

      1. The police interviewer completely twisted their minds ! The little boy didn’t know what he was supposed to be saying in the end !
        Disgusting ! Their original story was coming from actual events from their own minds !

    5. How did you debunk it?

      The girl was clearly abused there is significant evidence from experts proving it , thats why she was awarded criminal compensation.

      The only unclear matter is who when and why and that has been a matter clouded by people like you Susan

        1. Not YOU Jon , cant you read the thread ?

          Susan Nundy Aka Suasan Blackie Aka Anna Raccoon

          Now jog on and keep an eye on your bouncy castles

          1. Oh….you’re “Lucy” now??

            Obviously not…..I’ll have another look

            Thanks for the advice but please help me again….what previous do I have?

          2. Jon I cant reply to you, I have always been Lucy so I really dont know what you mean.

            Oh I think you know we all do

      1. Why am I on this story again?! Probably because I can’t rest knowing that there is such evil going on in this world, and it goes so deep into our society that this barrister Matthew feels he has the authority to speak on it, because he is involved. It makes me mad!

        1. Could you please submit your evidence here for all to see, that Barrister Blogger is “involved”?
          Thanks in advance.

          1. We’ve all had a long wait for your “evidence”, Nicki.
            Matthew has even said he will happily publish it here.

    6. Difficult to trust a man writing an article who would have been implicated were it true. The judge was obviously paid off to make it go away, and something is very amiss. I would be suspicious as hell

      1. “The Judge was obviously paid off to make it go away” I hope you have evidence of that serious allegation, you Satanic panicker…

    7. Donald Trump is coming for you satanists and gatekeepers. Everything hidden will come to light, there will be no more secrets. YOU ARE NO LONGER PROTECTED!! Once your crimes are revealed to the public you will either be rotting in prison or you will never be able to walk the streets in public again. May God have mercy on your souls. #QANON

  2. I don’t think “Darren’s” claims have been said to be either credible or true by anyone other than Exaro and credible isn’t exactly a word I’d use to describe Exaro either.
    Watch you don’t get yourself tagged as another (oxy)moron, yet another abusive insult levied by an Exaro acolyte, and much to the glee of its master, at those who dare to question these claims.

  3. Chatter in the chatterati (mostly somebody called Richard Osley) as to whether Sir Keir Starmer might be interested in being Prime Minister one day, once he’s romped to Labour victory in old Holborn, so I’d be careful what you say about “believing the victims”.

  4. Imagine what would have happened had the Judge not had some cop-on ? How many other schools etc could have been attacked ? I can’t help thinking about Stanbridge Earls School, by all accounts a damn fine establishment for children with special needs. Closed, as a result of claims of abuse of pupils, by pupils. Nothing like these fantastic fantasies but enough for applications to dry up despite it’s ‘outstanding’ achievements and the fact no one was subsequently charged.
    I know little about either of these establishments but I do know that some pretty fine folk are speaking out about BOTH these cases. And that’s good enough for me. Well done Matthew and well done Helen and Jane, the Stanbridge Earls School, gals !

  5. I can’t believe she is still trying to push her so clearly fabricated story still:
    And also there are so many idiots that still believe it.
    All the fictitious witnesses she mentions – if they existed they would surely have made videos. But the insane people that believe here are abusing so many innocent people still.

    1. 7 months on from your comment and people are sadly STILL jumping on that satanic panic merry-go-round.. these people are delusional..

  6. The style of your defence of the accused, your ridicule of the victims, your dismissal and belittling of their testimonies and of anyone who believes these children, indicates to me that you are quite likely a part of the pedophile ring. I think that the stress that these children were put under by the police and fears of being separated from their mother, together with any threats they may have faced from those in authority and involved in this abuse, are most likely the reasons the children withdrew their statements.

    i have a friend who was sold as a child to a satanic cult, the descriptions given by the children are identical to the testimony given to me by my friend several years ago. yes it is hard to believe that human beings can be this evil, and yes it does involve teachers, social workers, police, judges, politicians and others in positions of power. so much so that it is virtually impossible to not have such complaints shut down and ridiculed.

    I find it quite incredible that the judge dismissed the case and at the same time, without any evidence, stated that the mother was abusing her own children. interestingly, this is the same judge that shut down the holly grieg case.

    I believe these children and i feel deeply for them and for their mother.. it is an absolute disgrace that the abusers have not been arrested and that these children are being forced to spend time with their abusive father and have been denied their mother at what must be a very scary time for them, particularly as they claim they have been victims of abuse for the whole of their lives and that there grandmother and great grandmother are also involved in sexually abusing them.

    I’ve searched on line for reports of parents keeping their children home from the school in question, following the disclosure, and I found no reports of this. I think this is really very strange. Surely, any parent with a child at a school that has had such allegations made against those in it’s employ would remove their children from the school immediately and until they were absolutely sure that the allegations were, without a shadow of a doubt, untrue or the staff were replaced. i would expect that with such allegations present, the local council would suspend the teachers alleged to be involved and close the school until such time as the case was properly closed. and i think the fact that this didn’t happen, validates the children’s original testimony that many high level and powerful people are involved in this huge satanic pedophile ring. I know that if there was the slightest suggestion of abuse, sexual or otherwise, at my child’s school, that I would, without question, be keeping my child away from the place.

      1. Well said Lisa, and you are not a fool, as someone has commented here. The Judge said those who believe these Fantisies are themselves pedophiles, evil, foolish or both.

        1. so are you saying that in believing the children I am all the things the judge said? i’m confused as you began by saying ‘well said’.

          having watched the children speak, i don’t believe that they were coached to say such things. Had they been coached then I believe they would have not been able to communicate their experiences with such clarity, there would have been fear in their eyes and they would not have made the body actions and expressions associated with their experiences, as they spoke,, this was the most compelling part of their testimonies and made their words very believable. such bodily actions and fluent expression of their experiences can not be coached to young children in that way. to pull that off they would need to be exceedingly good actors.

          1. Just to add, it does concern me that these video’s were made available on the internet. and at the same time, i think that is a symptom of how desperate they are to be heard and for proper justice to be done.

            when the police are able to intimidate grown men into giving false confessions, young children wouldn’t stand a chance. i watched the testimony of their Russian grandparents (well worth watching), and they spoke about how the children had changed, becoming withdrawn and afraid,, as though they had been intimidated.

            it’s really interesting too to listen to how the authorities are treating the Russian grandparents and interfering with their rights to contact with their grand children. yet are allowing the father plenty of contact with them.. their disproportionate heavy handedness makes no sense unless the authorities have a secret agenda, or are are protecting a group of powerful people..

          2. “having watched the children speak, i don’t believe that they were coached to say such things. Had they been coached then I believe they would have not been able to communicate their experiences with such clarity”

            Fact is they they have only a few things to remember, plastic willies, baby murder , eating and drinking blood – oh and the fact that everyone they know is doing it.

            “there would have been fear in their eyes and they would not have made the body actions and expressions associated with their experiences”

            How do you think a child would react if they had witnessed such horrific events? Fact is, they show no fear, none whatsoever. They recount the story because it is a story. No child would be able to do such a thing without showing some form of emotion and they show none while explaining the alleged events – if anything, they appear happy whilst explaining.

      2. Well said Lisa. These allegations are at the very least worthy of investigation.

        The ABE interviews where the children ‘retracted’ were heavily criticized for both planning and conduct in an expert report made by a police interview trainer. Unfortunately, this opinion was not permitted due to Pauffley granting the police request to exclude any evidence based on the videos. Furthermore, linguistic analysis shows that not all the allegations were retracted.

        Regarding Dr Hodes, she did concede that one couldn’t be completely sure the injuries were the result of the abuse indicated by the children but she maintained that the injuries were consistent with their allegations. As the excluded police interview report suggests, in the current climate of revelations about hitherto incredulous establishment and institutional pedophilia such claims should at least be investigated.

        It should also be noted that Dr Hodes was the paediatrician who correctly warned about dangers in the Baby P case. She was ignored then with fatal consequences. The same move – contradictory peer review leading to watered down final report – was utilised then.

        Scaremongering and paranoia aside, one of the additional responsibilities on us as a humane society that arise in light of the current revelations is to try to ‘believe the victims’ a little more. Not witch-hunt, but look into it. In the Hampstead case there is the simple procedure of forensic medical examination of alleged abusers for the distinguishing marks mentioned in detail by the children. Even one person without the marks would put this case to bed – and allow the pendulum to swing away from the onerous burden of believing the victims presented in this article.

        1. Totally true what you say. If this is all nonsense, why didn’t police investigate the private parts of alleged perpetrators to see if the children were lying about the described privates which were detailed and included all having a demon tattoo. The lack of such details would certainly probevthis was all lies. But this wasn’t done. If this story was all lies, why would the children and their mother and partner go to all this trouble to lie about a demon tattoo being on the privates of all the alleged perps, if it could so easily be disproved as lies? Wouldn’t liars ms he it easier for their lies to be believed, instead of making such incredulous and easily debunked lies up? Only makes us believe that they’re telling the truth if police have failed to investigate and report on this. Why would the children’s mother, partner and children lie even lie about all this if it would obviously land them in serious trouble, unless it is so horrifically true. As for some people saying that the children lied because they showed little emotion when recounting the horrific details which were very hard to watch, well psychologically any child growing up enduring such behaviours from a young age, would treat it in an ‘as a matter of fact say’ especially since abuse would have been ongoing from a young age and would have become normalised and they would have emotionally learnt to turn off from it, after years of being desensitised by it and thinking it must have been normal when they were too young to know.

      3. I admire your restraint, Matthew. Lisa accused you of being part of a paedophile ring. Your article was excellent, by the way.

          1. Matthew. Please report this video on YT (link below). Uploaded by Deborah Mahmoudieh. Listen at 35:09 when she discusses your blog and this post of yours on the Hampstead Hoax and accuses you of being a paedophile or having paedophile friends. The woman is a menace and is slandering you in it. i urge you to take action

          2. On the whole I think I can live with this. It’s so boring that I doubt anyone much will listen to it and no-one wil take it seriously. But many thanks anyway.

    1. Are you the same Lisa that Abraham Cristie left his wife for three years ago, before taking up with Ella Draper? The same Lisa who is best friends with Arays Soma, who has been suspended from Facebook for hate speech and perpetuating vicious and baseless lies against innocent people? If so, you and your deluded fellow travellers have badly damaged those childrens’ lives by smearing their pictures all over the internet without even bothering to hide their identities.

    2. I wonder how many other poor men have totally false (and in this case, insane, in my view, allegations made against them by former partners who don’t want to share their children with them? I think the answer to that would shock this country back into some form of common sense.

      Of course, the way this woman ran off to Russia, leaving her children in Care, speaks volumes.

      I’m just so desperately sad for all the innocent people who have had their lives blown apart, not just in this case, but in so many others too.

      1. Thankyou Lisa i wrote big reply to you but it didn’t post….frustrating….you speak clear simple heart truth for me. common sense in a mad world….we are in the truman show for sure. My heart bleeds for this woman and her babies and all the thousand of babies and children that are killed in this world not to mention the women who are raped and the young men and boys….basically anyone who is the most vulnerable in any given moment. We are all mind controlled on a diet of patriarchal fear and control.Slowly we have to wake up to this . Stand up to the web that is controlling us inside ourselves and out. I do not believe and slimy word this being is saying in this revolting article. Of course it looks ridiculous to the outside naive eye. thats how it is designed…they are not stupid….just ‘diabolicaly capable’…..Wake up people do you think you would spot a satanist in the street????? I don’t think so ….we are used to them on our tv screens all the time they have become so normal it would be funny if it wasn’t so terrifying the level of our denial and cowardice when faced with uncertainty. This is NOT straight forward so people please do not act as if it is…that is patriarchy right there….things are sensitive complex and there are many FEELINGS involved…..Oh by the way for me the children fluidly spoke as they were relieved to at last be heard….also they are used to this!!! from very young ….it is matter of fact…we are not dealing with ‘normal’ children’ here we are hearing abused children which is what most of parliament politicians are themselves….they become disconnected from feelings…we need to hear these children before they kill themselves or are killed or go insane and that will take a lot of healing!!

    3. These children told the truth. Hampstead coverup is still going on. And there are many pedophiles and members of the Cult want us to do not trust these children and their mother. You are right, Lisa. Spasibo.

      1. “These children told the truth.” Really?? Sitting on some evidence are you?? ’cause we haven’t seen any in the Hampstead case. Of course, except for the damaged ear the boy came back with from his holiday (where the recordings were made) and who also informed the Police that “Papa Hemp” (Abraham Christie) had hit him hard on the ear to gain his compliance and the bruise on the chin of the girl who told the Police that Abraham had pressed a spoon hard into her face to gain HER compliance.

  7. What’s strange is the total credence given to the Westminster claims by the press, not just the redtops but the kind of sophisticated broadsheet commentator who’s usually acute at dissecting scare stories on, say, the threat posed by domestic terrorism. We’re repeatedly told there’s so much evidence ‘it can’t be just a conspiracy theory’. It doesn’t matter that so many of the stories are secondhand, or the key witness is dead, or the source is anonymous or unreliable. The nadir was reached by the Newsnight segment on the alleged cover-up on Cyril Smith, where a presenter told us what anonymous source told him that an anonymous source had told *him*. This is like finding evidence for a black cat’s presence in a darkened cellar. Yet its meme of threats under the Official Secrets Act is now universally repeated.
    Of course, everyone knows who the suspects are: they’re named on blogs and only lightly anonymised in the press. No-one wonders what a strangely heterogeneous collection of figures they are, with nothing in common but their office. And any sense of chronology is absent: one political figure, libelled in a much re-blogged piece of scurrility, had to point out he was only fourteen at the time. Most puzzling of all: why so many offenders and so few victims? An awful lot hangs on the solitary testimony of Exaro’s Nick, with his oddly impersonal tales of rape and torture.

  8. McNeil & McKenzie and indeed -anyone who is made aware of the order- were injuncted in February and ordered to remove any internet or published references to the Hampstead matter yet the Youtube / Twitter fanatics are on the loose.
    They were warned that it would be a Contempt of Court not to comply with that order yet they repeatedly breach it as do those Youtube fanatics.
    When will there be prosecutions of these people as there was of those who revealed the name of Ched Evans’ victim?
    When will authorities prosecute the directors of entities like Youtube & Twitter, Facebook who thumb their noses at British law while scooping up advertising profits and insulting us by avoiding tax and allow this contempt to be published?
    Do we actually have any politicians who understand the law? After all they are the lawmakers.
    And I might add those high vocal self promoters who claim they are “child victim experts” Mark Williams-Thomas and Simon Danczuk MP along with Exaro have totally ignored the fact that the videos of these children- a horrible, vicious and nasty breach of their rights- have been published repeatedly by the Satanic nutters. This particular one completely escaped the notice of these self styled ‘experts’.

  9. You say the police believed the children, if they had believed them they would have investigated every person named as abusers, first course of action to eliminate all innocent parties. The police failed to investigate a crime, whether true or false, they have to carry out their duty as paid civil servants, in the publics interest to do so. This case would never gone viral if the initial proper steps were taken in the first place. Your children were present at the school back in 2008 a lot can change in a short time span. I cannot understand the authorities removing the children from the parents without investigating the crime first. This case is flawed from day one, it will not be resolved until it is delt with in the proper manner. There will be those who want answers and those who want silence, and those people will be waiting for how ever long it takes. The media are nether evil or foolish or both. This is not a Fantasy.

    1. How do you know what they investigated , who and what activities the police carried out?. If you have what you think is evidence did you go to the police and if not why not?

        1. And thus speaks the person behind the HG page too, who insults everyone on Twitter, with as many swear words as they can think up on the spot.

          How I so MISS Intelligence and Common Sense…and mourn for the country I once loved, which is now so beset my political correctness and non-judgementalists that we are no longer able to speak the truth and say that a small, yet powerful, group of people are now connected, via the internet, causing absolute havoc and mayhem in this country and indeed, around the world, whilst they snigger and snort behind their Care In The Community Computer screens, refusing to take their medication any longer, tip-tapping out Total INSANITY.

          1. you are a woman after my own heart…it send me insane that we cannot say anything anymore….from the spiritual pc ‘don’t focus on the darkness’to the everyday naivety and stupidity and of course if you question the top you are a GASP you are believing conspircy theorist!!!! Wel Yes actually ….plan and sqaure ….i believe and know in my belly and GASP …womb wisdom and intuition…..that there are people doing nasty things to us all for money fame and control and many are in it and don’t realise they uphold it as they are so in it…..and a few know exactly whats going on…not hard to believe when you can believe in the mafia…NO different people!! NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!!! arghhhh

    2. i agree with you.. it makes little sense unless this is a cover up..

      one of the big give aways is the ridiculing and disapproval of anyone who who believes the children’s or the mother’s testimonies, of any one who notices, challenges and speaks out about the very obvious flaws and inconsistencies or who offers intelligent argument for their case.

      This age old tactic disapproval, ridicule or belittling, even to the extent of accusing the believers of being pedophiles, is a desperate attempt by those in power to silence people by playing on the deep psychological need that so many have for approval. Approval is a primal need that reaches back into our childhood where parental approval equates to survival for the child, from the perspective of the child. It triggers the fight, flight freeze response in adults and infantalises them into frightened subservient crowd followers.. it is a plain and simple control technique that can be witnessed historically and daily in the government controlled media to manipulate us into behaving like good little servants to the powerful.

      the use of such tactics to silence people and sway public opinion, encouraging the community to mindlessly chorus in with the same disapproval, adding weight to this form of mass manipulation, along with the way this case has been handled, confirms to me that there are some very very frightened guilty
      people of high standing with a lot of power at their disposal.

      1. Hi Lisa, the “you’re a paedophile if you don’t believe me” smear is used by unfair people on both sides.

        You say,”This age old tactic disapproval, ridicule or belittling, even to the extent of accusing the believers of being pedophiles, is a desperate attempt by those in power to silence people by playing on the deep psychological need that so many have for approval”. So there you are saying that people who believe the children are sometimes accused of being paedophiles. No one that I can see has done that to you on here.

        However, you yourself have used this tactic for people who DON’T believe the stories. In your post to Matthew Scott you say,”The style of your defence of the accused, your ridicule of the victims, your dismissal and belittling of their testimonies and of anyone who believes these children, indicates to me that you are quite likely a part of the pedophile ring”.

        So you are the one who is casting aspersions, aren’t you?

        The judge merely said that some of the people who view the videos of the children will be people with a sexual interest in children – how can you argue with that?! Good lord, you’ve got two young kids going into lurid detail about satanic rituals – don’t you think a paedophile is going to enjoy watching those?

        It even appears the hactivists Anonymous don’t believe Ella Draper, and I say “even” because they have a vested interest in undermining the organs of the state:

        1. many “Anonymous are or could very well be “controlled oposition”, but you do make a great point earlier on, thanks for your view/sharing

      2. “i agree with you.. it makes little sense unless this is a cover up..”

        No, there is no ‘cover up’, just a lot of folks out there with somewhat deranged minds (can I still say ‘deranged’? Oh hell, yes, let’s) and computers…A very, VERY dangerous combination, made even MORE dangerous when smoking vasts oodles of Pot or snorting other things, whilst swigging back The Drink too…Marijuana Soup, anyone?

    3. Catherine, you ever heard of a man called Matthew Hopkins? Mr Hopkins was an interesting man I researched who referred to himself as a Witchfinder General. Lots of innocent people were investigated, charged and killed because of the sort of methods used by Hopkins, that has parallels with the type of people who are screaming for innocent people to be investigated in the Hampstead case.

      Anyone can make an allegation, but the investigator has got to act proportionately in their investigations in what could be an innocent person. It is totally unacceptable that teachers are strip searched in order to look for marks on their privates because a child accused them of something, especially when there was strong evidence of coaching of them by a prejudiced adult. Ironically Hopkins also liked to look for witch marks on his victims to prove they were witches.

      1. Not the same thing. The children alleged the perpetrators had a demon tattoo in their private parts. Police should have investigated and either confirmed or denied this. It’s not humiliating, it’s called investigation. Happens in all ordinary police work when someone accuses another and so the alleged has to comply to help police with enquiries. Also I am sure the alleged would welcome being investigated to disprove such allegations and settle the matter and show they’ve helped police disprove the matter and stopped any potential harassment or doubt for the rest of their lives. Anyone with nothing to hide would even offer to be examined by a police doctor. After all people get examined by their doctors at a clinic without being embarrassed when having medical exams. So why not welcome being ticked off a list of alleged pedophile child murdering satan worshipper list? The fact nobody has offered to be checked, and police didn’t do this most obvious piece of evidence checking to close the case or blow it wide open, is very worrying. If there’s nothing to hide, why hide it?

        1. Anyone can make an allegation. To expect everyone to drop their pants and be subject to an invasive, inconvenient and humiliating police examination every time a person makes an allegation is a waste of police resources and a massive infringement on personal soverienty. The children in the case made many allegations, all which have been investigated to some degree, which indicated there was no substance to those allegations making it unnecessary for an intimate examination to be carried out.

          As time has gone on more information and events have become available about the case and those that are supporting this hoax, which strengthens the argument that it was all a fantasy perpetuated by the mother and her partner of the two children.

  10. Mr Scott, I believe you are correct when you say that this “satanic cult” myth should act as a warning, but, unfortunately, not just to the credulous. Those caught up in the calumny may despair, whereas people like me, (who are mere onlookers) can choose whether or not to despair or snort in contempt at the salacious, ill-favoured and lurid fantasies of the dispossessed.

    It astonishes me how any mother can allow clear film footage of her children detailing graphic abuse to be viewed by millions around the world. And her behaviour in this regard remains an utter abomination, regardless of whether anything her children say is true or not. And no decent people, one would think, can seriously tolerate this creepy, crooning, positively perverted man who is grooming young children into fessing up to Bride of Chucky crimes on video.

    BUT while I agree with everything you say regarding this case, there is an important factor that you avoid mentioning: the establishment is bent. Ordinary level headed people such as myself, who know a cannibal conspiracy when we hear one, also know that your profession is full of corruption. The police DO cover things up. Barristers DO lie in court. Social workers lie. Judges lie (That is, when they’re not w*nking in the office.) Perhaps the whole system is not corrupt ALL the time, but enough of it is to mean that the public trust is not going to return. If you ignore this, you become part of the problem yourself.

    We can stand by while trendy, semi-literate vegans add a little spice to their half-baked anti-Mcdonalds campaign. We can wonder how on earth any stoner dribbling over his ipad could ever believe in babyskin shoes and so on, in the absence of any evidence whatsoever.

    But we know that however demented these fantasies are, there are duller horrors that are real: monstrously fat scowling clowns posing as Liberal MPs and raping boys, silencing policemen and waddling with their massive secrets to the grave. Social workers covering for paedophile colleagues. It is a case of, “If I know something I have to do something, so I don’t know something”. It’s a boring little evil, but it’s a real one. And it exists in your profession too. The credulous are to some a handy distraction, but if you have integrity (and I am sure you do) you will look at the very much more serious problem, which is that ordinary people who dismiss the conspiracy theorists will also start to dismiss people like you. The rot in your profession needs to be spoken of and it must be challenged.

    1. Possibly it is true what you say about some police, lawyers and so on but all we can do in society is take each case on it’s own merits. This one seems to have been investigated correctly and the judge made no bones about who was at fault.
      I agree that the posting of the kid’s interviews including the police interviews ( and I doubt police would have ‘leaked’ or released theirs) is one of the most disturbing aspects of this case. I cannot understand any parent allowing such videos to be posted on Youtube. So irresponsible & a terrible act towards the children.

      1. Yes we must take each case on its own merits. This one seems, as you say, to have been investigated correctly.

        I think “possibly it is true what you say about some police, lawyers and so on” is pretty dismissive though. We keep seeing examples of people who should know better letting us down, whether it’s Duckenfield or the fifty officers investigated over child porn today: “possibly it is true” is a dodge. My point is that in a climate like this, rabid and pretty reactionary conspiracy theorists seize some people’s imagination. They are scary and unbelievable, and yet I also find it somewhat scary and unbelievable that with more and more proven cases, even headlines, about dishonesty in public office, all you want to say is “possibly it’s true”. If you have ever (as I have) experienced a public official lying in court and getting away with it you will realise how frustrating (and frightening) it is. But what chance do we have when even proven cases against the police lead to people saying “possibly some police lie”. It is a form of denial.

      2. It surprises me that one of the named and supposedly tattooed ‘offenders’ hasn’t been ‘grabbed’, to check whether or not they are marked as mentioned by the children…

    2. The ‘establishment is bent’ maybe, but WHO is this ‘establishment’ of which you speak ? Surely this is merely a catch all label applied to to shadowy figures who apparently, lurk in high places and whose only life purpose appears to involve protecting other shadowy figures !
      I believe there are good and bad everywhere. Not everyone who rises to the top is corrupt and not everyone who doesn’t, isn’t !
      I believe Matthew Scott is a good egg, despite the fact he does not agree with everything I say. He’s just one example of the good, honourable, members of his profession. There are good cops too and there are even good Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday journalists (David Rose).
      We all have our agenda’s. Most of us only speak for ourselves. The good, speak up for others on matters that do not affect them directly, but offends their personal sense of right and wrong.
      We all make mistakes, and we all must take responsibility when we do. Not wait for someone else to catch us out etc etc. At the end of the day, fairness, honesty and accountability is all we can ask of others, and, ourselves !

      1. By the establishment I mean the legal system, parliament and the police. I am speaking of those who have an enhanced right to tell others what to do. I don’t know who these “shadowy figures” are and I’m not a conspiracy theorist; there doesn’t need to be a conspiracy when birds of a feather flock together, as mutually agreeable arrangements will follow naturally, as a matter of course. I believe I have said that I do not think that all of the establishment is corrupt

        It is true that there are good and bad everywhere, and nor would I have reason to dispute that Matthew Scott is a good egg; I apologise if it sounded like I was singling anyone out. As to your declaration that not everyone who rises to the top is corrupt – I should hope not too! But I have high standards. I want those who ARE corrupt at the top to be challenged – don’t you want this too? I’m a bit puzzled as to the latter part of your assertion “not everyone who doesn’t, isn’t”. Why would anyone think that those at the bottom of society were never corrupt? I don’t think the corruption of the powerless is likely to be very harmful I suppose.

        Yes there are good cops of course. As for Daily Mail journalists who are good: I don’t know why you mention them unless you take me for a Guardian reader;) I will agree that David Rose is good – I particularly liked “Violation” – we need somebody like that to challenge the corruption in the family division in the UK courts; we don’t have the death penalty here, but we have people permanently losing their children (which is the next worst thing in many ways) due to evidence that I have seen is SOMETIMES fabricated by authorities. Fairness, honesty and accountability are a lot to ask for these days.

          1. The only useful eggs in this game will be the hard-boiled ones. The ones who deal in verifiable facts and objective evidence, not scary stories and the desire to believe because it makes the believer feel worth it. It’s not about how you feel or what you believe, it’s about what can be proven.

            The big problem the culters of Stan have is that nowadays mobile footage of the ceremonies should have been obtained, and there is nothing except the same vague rumours that have been in circulation since the Seventies Snuff dreams.

            This Hampstead nonsense is probably an attempt to fill that gap. I daresay there’ll be plenty more of it to come. Alien Autopsy anyone?

    3. yes, it is shocking that a mother or anyone would post the testimonies of the children on the internet. yet it could well be a desperate need to be heard and getting justice done within an environment where her children have been taken away and intimidated by the abusers, and where instead of the abusers being properly investigated, she is instead accused of abusing her children, even though there is no evidence supporting that.

      1. Lisa, the evidence that she is abusing her children is right in front of your eyes. She is naming them publicly – that is an abuse. She sits there in her homemade vlog detailing lurid testimony for about 17 minutes. I must admit that I didn’t listen to all of that, but I listened to enough. You’d think she would be opening by begging, PLEADING for people to take pictures and video footage of her children off the internet but is she heck? She does not give a damn about her children, quite obviously. I have never seen anything like it. Evil is not too strong a word to describe her.

        1. The issue I have is, why would the mother make such a story that is almost incredible to believe. I watched her testimony video, after having looked into this case a bit and just felt ‘no, its not possible that so many people, teachers, friends parents etc can be in on this’. I do believe ritual abuse exists, thats not the issue I have. I know children can embellish, add their own fanatasies, so maybe that is what we see and there be a little bit of truth to what theyre saying. But if the mother wanted Mr Dearman to ‘hang’, she could have used much more credible stories. Also why does the girl, Minnie/Millie that is mentioned as asking the mother if she ‘did sex’ too, to the children not coming forward, or more, her parents etc. Anyway, Too many questions.

          1. After I became aware of Christie having a past as an abuser, the pieces have fallen in place. I have to agree with the judges ruling. The mother is evil and Christi is, too.

    1. Wow, they say the human skin/leather comes from donors. if it is illegal to make products from human skin, as they also state.. how on earth, when bodies have to be legally disposed of, do they manage to get hold of the body in order to obtain the skin?? i don’t believe for a moment that they obtain the skin from consenting donors…..

      1. Oh dear Lisa. The bogey men are the ones you can’t see, not the ones dreamt up by emotionally neglected children and peppered with allusions to popular films. Your gullibility has been exposed and should be cause for some serious reflection before you do any real damage.

  11. Why do people think that they are be judge and jury on this case and speak like they are expert psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, medical experts, police detectives and anything else that will enhance their narcissism?

    I am a few of the above professions and can categorically state that this case has broken every ethic and policy imaginable. So why are people still blinded by idiocy?

    *Smart people can follow stupid leaders (seeking praise or promotion)
    *Smart people may follow their anger into stupid places
    *They may be trained or educated into stupidity
    *Smart people can inherit bad ideas from their parents under the guise of tradition
    *They may simply want something to be true, that can never be

    Even the court was unlawful under British and International law. There is currently an investigation in breaches of human rights going on in Europe regarding the illegal secret courts. Furthermore, this was a criminal case and the fact that it was held wrongly in a secret court speaks for itself! And don’t forget to understand the difference between legal and lawful. Legal only becomes law if you consent. So if you don’t consent to a secret court against you, the court becomes unlawful.

    Weather you believe the allegations or not is irrelevant, what is relevant are the miscarriages of justice that have taken place in UK. Their needs to be an immediate judicial review, a public enquiry and anyone who has perverted the course of justice, committed misconduct in public office or committed treason, need to face the full wrath of British law regardless of who they are or who they know! The case in question, needs to be urgently investigated fully and lawfully to preserve evidence. There are already reports of building work haven been carried out at the named loactions.

    Before making ignorant assumptions, look at the backgrounds and connection the people involved have and ask yourself what reasons could be attributed to a cover-up is this is the case, such as, up and coming elections, the implication of serving members of parliament or Royal Family, uncovering a secret service operation to manipulate members of national and international organisations / government. Then when you are satisfied there is no reason for a cover-up, you can start looking at why, if it’s not a cover up, the whole process is rotten from top to bottom!

    “KENGATE” Ben Fellows In Exile For Fear Of state persecution over Ken Clarke allegations

    People who think they are being clever, by twisting events and trying to write clever synopsis to manipulate public opinion for personal, political or financial gain, should hang their heads in shame. Not only is this not clever, it is unethical and morally corrupt.

    Anyone who isn’t evil or foolish, anyone with a rational mind and anyone with 2 ounces of morals, should demand that this case be investigated correctly and in accordance with British law and policy!

    I could rip the whole ruling apart an identify areas in which the judge committed offence, I can state where intimidation was made to the children, mother, legal team and even police, I can show how the retractions were coached and even then they weren’t full retractions, I can show how failings to investigate serious allegations of child abuse were unlawful. But that is not the intention of this post, the intentional of this post is to first look at the bigger picture, because until you understand that, you’ll never be able to have a rational mind on this case.

    1. regardless of your expertise or lack there of, you make so much sense to me, the lack of critical thinking & stepping back to take a good look at the big picture is one many are missing. this is the Age of Deception & the whether you agree or not, deception, lies, mis-direction, compartilization, degradation of society, family values, etc., & not that you said this, but in another comment I noticed the old, overused conspiracy theory, jeez I really believed more ppl were over that word trick ages ago. afterall, science is all based on theory, yet we learn it from a young age, in textbooks, spewed from so called Scientists, etc., until the next theory proves true or a better explanation/possible discovery comes along! any person that can see, using good old common sense & theres so much prove of conspiracies out there & in history it’s overwhelming! Nevermind any real evidence these days! that’s no longer needed when listening to any mainstream media/talk shows, it’s all in the presentation & steering the whole so-called interview or story, yet they’ve been caught lying & using propaganda so often it’s even legal now in the States for any/all news reports, the Government & recently added the FBI, are not expected to actually tell the truth! they by Law can & will use Propaganda to further what they want the ppl to believe, get behind, talk about & don’t dare ask any questions! just believe whatever they say & yet the Governments have been lying for so many years I think that you need to be corrupt & a great liar/master deceiver to remain &/or move on up in the ranks. If at first you don’t suceed lie, lie again, repeating them so often, that it sadly becomes fact for those who have been mezmerized by the “boob tube” as it’s proven to put ppl into a type of trance (no critical thinking needed, no need to think at all! cause they’ll spoon feed the masses whatever they want) with say oh an expert, an official, a specialist, hahaha yet they rarely mention who & all those mentioned can also be fooled, paid off, afterall many scientists need those government grants don’t they?, Watch a group of children or a couple, sit them in front of a TV, just see what happens & many ppl sit infront of that box for far too long daily, weekly, yearly! Words are power! & changing the words, adding two together & repeating them often enough the phrase imbeds into our brains without a second thought, that’s what the TV is great for! ok I’m rambling a Lil’ going off topic, but it IS part of the big picture really.

    2. Even the court was unlawful under British and International law. There is currently an investigation in breaches of human rights going on in Europe regarding the illegal secret courts. Furthermore, this was a criminal case and the fact that it was held wrongly in a secret court speaks for itself!
      from her own mouth there was no secret court ha ha
      and this is drapers legal advisor

    3. “Even the court was unlawful under British and International law. There is currently an investigation in breaches of human rights going on in Europe regarding the illegal secret courts.”

      This was heard in an open court…..

      1. yes your 100% right it was an open court
        but it hasant stopped them saying it was
        even with the video above of of belinda mckenzie saying it was open
        here it is again

  12. By the tenor of his initial response possibly none of the above,unless dear old Michael Shrimpton (former QC of this parish) has access from the Big House…

  13. what makes you think there is no merit in the Hollie case?

    Have you seen Dr Boyles evidence? Dr Hardings evidence and the others?

    Have you read the terms of her award of £13900 for rape?

    The fact that the Liar Racoon has posted here is dubious enough.

  14. Hampstead Research fact finding – the latest
    Wed 2:50 pm UTC, 1 Apr 2015
    posted by Jacqui Farmer

    [Link edited for legal reasons, names of innocent people]

    This video shows a drive around the Hampstead Christ Church area, animated from Google Earth and ending up at the CCTV camera outside the church. The Google Earth photographs were taken in 2012 and 2014. There appears to be some kind of removal van and a trailer parked outside the school; were items being moved in or was evidence being removed? Or both?

    The mainstream media is reporting that innocent Hampstead residents are frightened because their names and addresses have been released onto the internet. If this is the case, then why have Christ Church Hampstead school and/or church not come to the aid of their stricken parents and parishioners and released any CCTV footage to prove that the children are wrong?

    This video is also available for viewing here:

    [Link edited for legal reasons]

    And also on Zeekly for download at:

    [Link edited for legal reasons]

  15. As a Satanist I have been watching the Hampstead Satanic ritual abuse case closely, and I agree with you that it is a hysterical hoax worthy of the infamous UK witch hunting trials that killed so many innocent people in the 1600’s.

    I disagree that you can compare Hampstead to the emerging VIP paedophile cases, for instance the Savile case revealed despite hundreds of victims, that everyone of influence in the Establishment was prepared to turn a blind eye. Whilst there are a few rumours circulating of VIP Satanic-paedophile activities, the truth that there have been paedophile rings on an industrial scale in the Establishment is credible.

    Quite rightly the police should take the position to believe the child, and I do think they have acted with great professionalism and wisdom to balance the considerations of the child and the integrity of those the children falsely accused of Satanic abuse.

    1. Thank you Satanist for giving us the opinion of someone with first-hand knowledge of Satanism, but if it doesn’t involve sex with minors & sacrifice, what DOES go on in the rituals? I have read the articles & watched the videos on this case – all but one, which is of the stepfather Abraham coaching the children. This video would explain how 9 & 11 year olds knew all sorts of perverted filth to relate; also why Macdonalds, Starbucks etc (places Abraham had an idealistic grudge against) are brought in as details: true the children had been in the toilets with their father, false that he had stuck chewing gum & sticks up their bum.
      The timeline of the Macdonalds incidents always puzzled me: they would’ve been 1 & 3 at the time, surely too young to remember the name of daddy’s friend behind the counter etc?

      1. Like so many so-called Satanic abuse cases the evidence on close examination falls apart. The irony is that the allegations of Satanism always seems to involve Christians being the participants rather than Satanists, so perhaps people should rename this Christian Ritual Abuse rather than always trying to defame Satanism with false allegations of child abuse.

    1. The issue with “truthers” is they seem unable to apply common sense, critical thinking and rationality to cases like Hampstead. You people come to the table with dishonest and irrational notions, backed by your incredible ignorance. Satanism, if you knew anything about it, largely rejects the fantasies many seem to associate with it, such as the colorful narrative they have painted for the Hampstead case. Satanists hold great respect for critical thinking, and will happily challenge any irrational and dishonest stories of Satanic ritual abuse people like you love to defame us with.

      The false concerns of truthers for the welfare of children, are undermined by their enthusiastic activities to publish the most intimate details of the ordeals of the child, their names and their faces. The truthers care nothing for the privacy and wellbeing of the child, who must now live with the publicity of their names, faces and bodies published and republished all over the internet, shared by everyone, and they will see for decades to come. The desire of truthers to force decision makers to invade, investigate and take action against innocent people based upon the judgements of a largely ignorant court of public opinion is the reverse of justice, it is perverse and hypocritical. You stick justice in your name, but you are the face of a hysterical lynching mob that thankfully will be opposed and ignored.

      1. you class truthers as people class satanists.

        Never lynched anyone.

        Personally ima never would have named anyone or shown the kids faces or accused anyone specific , but its clear there was abuse and the judge was as much of a kangaroo as skippy

    1. Malky, you of all should know that they were asked a specific question whether they had been interviewed about the Hollie Greig case…..only a few were interviewed for that because the Police knew it was a hoax.

      But almost everyone WAS interviewed for Robert Green’s case – that is the difference – that is what you continually mixed up.

      In law, it is important to be precise…..unless your name is Brian Gerrish LOL

      Why don’t you concentrate on your daughters case? Why didn’t you take the offer of help with your daughters case?

      Anyhow, Green has now pleaded guilty….Belinda has quit onto other prosperous endeavours and the case has been proved over and over to be a hoax – just like the Hampstead Hoax.

      Have a pleasant evening.

        1. I’m really good at the facts Malky….and you know it! Go get the court transcript and prove me wrong….I dare you.

          One look at your website and anyone can see you’re obsessed with child abuse….I wonder why?

          While I’m obsessed with ensuring people like you don’t ruin innocent peoples lives…

          Oh, and after speaking with Nicola, I don’t worry one little bit about you and yours.

          Have a pleasant evening.

  16. What a pant load of nonsense and lies. In my opinion, the writer of this trash article is part of the cover up and part of this SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE of children, no doubt, including his own.

      1. The standard answer from those suffering cognitive dissonance. If it doesn’t fit your perspective then the pain is too much to bear – so much so you have to accuse those of a different view of being child abusers…..regardless of the evidence!

        YOU sir need help….I suggest you book an appointment with your Doctor as soon as possible.

  17. I think Matthew Scott’s article and the responses reveal a lot of things, and, while I I believe him to be firmly on the side of right, balance and rationality, he does not address the problem of unfairness in the justice system today which is a PART of the cause of the loony conspiracy theories – it’s not just weed, credulity, criminality and internet abuse.

    When I look at the contributions, here and elsewhere, from the Hampstead hoax believers, they are, almost without exception, written in an illogical way – many of them are so poorly spelt and punctuated as to make them difficult to comprehend, and, even after negotiating the poor grammar, you have to contend with the addled weirdnesses of perception, and the desperately bizarre connections. And that is if you are lucky. The comments say a lot about inequality, as revealed by the obviously poor education of a lot of the people who make them. It is concerning to see that there are adults who are amazed and impressed that two children know where the Mcdonalds is in Hampstead, but most amazing of all is what these adults think constitutes evidence: apparently the fact that these places EXIST is evidence that the most heinous crimes happened there. The followers of the Draper cult film the church and the hall and say it is all laid out exactly as these children said etc etc. You’d think they were talking about some past life regression concerning the location of a recently unearthed 14th century crypt.

    Yes, these people are credulous in the worst possible way, and with some of the most potentially dangerous consequences, and in some ways Matthew Scott is being too charitable. It is not only the hoax which should warn the credulous, but the credulous are a warning about the dangers of mob rule, and a world in which logics die. These people think that justice can be obtained by strip searcning adults and identifying marks that two primary school children say they have. It does not appear to occur to them that these marks, if they even exist, are the sort of things that anyone who had “intimate contact” with any of the adults in question would know of. Any swingers in little old Hampstead Village.

    When Arthur Miller wrote the Crucible as a satire of 50’s Macarthyism, the behaviour of the girls with their accusations of witchcraft was supposed to be a dramatic exaggeration, a throwback to the Salem Witch trials, to make a point. Well I wish Arthur Miller could see what we’ve got here today. Would he believe it? A baying mob trying to pull down people’s trousers?! I wish all those “truthers” would watch Au Revoir Les Enfants to get some idea of a society in which people, including children, are hounded and stripped by a hateful mob.

    There is also sometimes the most disgusting and unforgivable anti-semitism accompanying these truthers’ allegations and videos. The other day I had to contact youtube and request that they remove a comment from a “truther” who was saying that he (or she) wanted to hang Jews in Hampstead. I won’t listen to the feeble protests from the “truthers” who would say that they are not all like that. For a start, no truthers have ever even bothered to condemn this filthy violent racism, even to the point of saying they don’t agree with it! It speaks volumes that they claim such vigilance, comb society for any real or imagined mole or wart, and yet when someone openly declares a plan to commit a racist murder in their midst – they look the other way at best, and allow the comment to stay there. Or they post a link to a site that claims that Jews drink the blood of Christian children and sell their flesh to Mcdonalds. I have received personal messages of extreme abuse from truthers, merely because I politely defended Jewish people as a group. I never thought I would see the day when violent, vitriolic Neo-Nazi filth could remain totally uncontested in a context other than one exclusively devoted to Neo Nazism. This has made me wonder at the true agenda of a lot of these people.

    So forgive me for my circumlocution, but the point I’m trying to make is this: truthers are largely uneducated and disenfranchised. There are some intelligent people who “lead” the truthers, but most of the followers are genuinely ignorant. I used to think the law was a wonderful thing – I had cosy ideas of the justice system – it reminded me of lovely old leather armchairs (not human leather!) and claret. It was reassuring and kindly. But I have now had experiences that have taught me to see it differently, and I have also learnt from the experiences of others. It’s not just the corruption in the system – not everyone is corrupt. It’s the way the others pretend that corruption is not an issue. Try having the misfortune to be the victim of a police, an NHS or government mistake, and watch the ranks close and the evasions. The people most likely to be victims of the above are generally the poorer and less educated people, and they’re easy to ignore. We are told about missing files, or told there will be investigation, and then told that there will be an investigation into why there wasn’t an investigation, and lies lies lies, and I know what it’s like because I have been through this personally.

    It’s easy enough to make fun of me as ignorant of the law, and doubtless I am, compared to many. And then you can mock me for using a phrase like “the establishment” and safely dismiss me that way. But when the NHS, and the social services, and the police and the courts all cover things up, where do you turn? I don’t turn anywhere and I don’t trust anyone any more, but that is a lonely position to be in, so it’s a position that a lot of people would not be willing or able to sustain. But a lot of victims of the system find safety in joining others who claim to know the truth, because they aren’t being listened to.

    1. Eargh! REvolting intellectual twollap!!!
      Is that base enough for you ole chapette?
      Disconnected..insensitive…over indulged…..patriarchal codswalop….and yes us women are brainwashed into that also….find you womb sister!!!

    2. Tallulah Henderson as far as I’m concerned this comment was not only more thought provoking than all of the other comments but in my humble opinion it outshone the article it’s self.
      I feel I must touch on the discussion around the perceived illiteracy and incoherence of some contributions from truthers. As you observed the disadvantaged and uneducated are easier to exploit. In the passage of my years I have met an extraordinary amount of people who have been abused in the worst way and whilst their natural intelligence was often high they mostly came from disadvantaged backgrounds. It has never ever been a surprise to me that so many truthers are clearly under the influence of substances as many I know who have suffered or lived in proximity with regular beatings and sex crimes self medicate heavily and who could blame them? Neither has it ever occurred to me to discount a point of view due to poor spelling or lack of punctuation. The friends to whome I refer respond when writing about these crimes, whether real or fabricated, similarly. Particularly if the details triggered them into panic, anger or frustration. Or indeed empathy if the pattern of abuse matches their own experiences.
      Most people I know will not start disclosing their own abuse even if they find the case in hand relatable when commenting on a controversial article (I see that some do of course) so all we, the less emotive reader sees, is hysteria. There is tho, real horror from a truther who has themselves suffered, that this is still happening to someone else. It’s worth pointing out that so called truthers may be unable to talk about similar abuse that they themselves have experienced as they may still be imbroiled in complicated legal procedures which forbid it or they are afraid of their abusers.
      Dana Dunsmore had death threats from one of the men who had raped her when she sought justice as an adult woman. In response to the author of the debated articles adamant stance that no abuse could have taken place because his family had good experiences of the school and school community I have this to reply I live in the locality that Dana Dunsmore’s seven year (might be more) abuse took place and one of my best and oldest friends was brought up literally round the corner from the flat that Dana and her sister lived in as sex slaves (pardon the expression it is clichéd and reviled but there is no better description) and she had no idea until I asked her about it last year. It went on in a tenement council flat for six years across three housing estates or schemes as we call them in Scotland. I live in one of them and they are more like villages. Close knit I think the term is. I am also amply qualified to know what village life is like so I cannot understand why a community that I find so similar to a village did nothing about such a prolific peadophile ring. I now live in a very similar tenement and I cannot believe that none of the neighbours had concerns. My point is that some will not see anything because they have no idea what the signs are. Some are too afraid of repercussions and some have been bribed or blackmailed to stay quiet. People carrying out hideous sexual abuse often ingratiate themselves with anyone likely to object or gather damning information like benefit fraud, extra marital affairs or a gambling habit on anyone likely to expose them. Remember the stakes are high once your abusing children and it is worth insuring silence with some intelligence about the people in the vicinity.
      I will just quickly add that I am from Aberdeenshire which is one of two hubs of Scottish First Right Freemasonry in Scotland. Scotland being the foundling home of Freemasonry. I can tell anyone who may be interested that abuse of a very lurid nature goes on there and it is nie on impossible to get justice if a perpetrater is Masonically connected.
      I’ve come across Eric Hardcastle a few years ago. He is all over a man called Billy Maloney’s YouTube documentaries rubbishing and mocking Maloney for being incoherent and inarticulate funnily enough. I came to wonder why Hardcastle would spend so much time rubbishing Maloney if he thought him so risable. He seems to be a committed debunker of establiment cover up theories. The thing I remember was that he would get an argument going on the thread by belittling people in far more derisory language than he used on this thread then the debate would fall into chaos as everyone attempted to outdo each other with sarcasm and insult. Interested to see him here.
      Lastly, some contributors from Scotland choose to write in Scots dialect and speech patterns. I see a little of this preference with the person under the hollygriegfortruth moniker. It is debatable if this is helpful on an obviously English centric forum. However, I hope that it is not taken as a display of illogical thought processes or poor education. The Scots language movement has amongst it some of the finest minds this country has to offer. Thank you for a very interesting debate on what will surely be an historic case, hoax or otherwise.

      1. She did get money – £13,500 of public money which can never be paid back.

        Of course there is no burden of proof required to receive this money and there are a number of other false rape cases where the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) have paid out…a simply Google search will show you this. .

        Also, at the hearing, one doctor did say the medical evidence (lack of virginity – as there was no damage found from the 15 + years of satanic ritual sexual abuse, strange eh?) could have come about as a result of masturbation.

        Yet still CICA paid out.

        Therefore this is evidence of absolutely nothing……

        1. Gillian Swanson says…

          Good to see this case being publicised in Mr Green’s home town, but there is a slight error in the report: to be strictly accurate, “no arrests have been made, due to a lack of ‘corroborative’ evidence” should read “no arrests have been made, due to AN ALLEGED lack of ‘corroborative’ evidence”. Anyone who takes the time to investigate the facts, rather than relying, like a previous poster, on well-publicised disinformation, will know that the evidence supporting Hollie’s claims is impressive, and includes medical and psychological reports as well as police reports and testimony. However, despite this wealth of documentary evidence, the Aberdeen police and the Crown Office in Edinburgh have so far not seen fit to take things further: indeed, when questioned under oath at Robert Green’s trial, in 2010, DC Lisa Evans of Grampian admitted that none of the 22 people named to her by Hollie in a gruelling three-and-a-half hour interrogation in September 2009 had subsequently been questioned, nor were their computers seized or even superficially examined. Hollie’s earliest tormentors, her father and her brother – people she could hardly have mis-identified, and whom a police report describes as being “known to have a predilection for very young girls” – were even allowed to leave the country! One wonders how many rape cases would ever make it into court, if evidence of the standard available in this instance were discounted. Let’s hope that Graeme Pearson is successful in securing an investigation into this and other apparent injustices in Scotland – and that Theresa May will lose no more time in setting up the promised inquiry into similar neglected cases south of the border: though recent revelations by both survivors of abuse and retired police officers suggest that what is required is not so much a highly sanitised inquiry into things past as the arrest and trial of prominent establishment figures who have been named by multiple victims as rapists, and of those in high places who have ensured that these powerful criminals have, to date, remained immune from prosecution.

          1. “22 people named to her by Hollie in a gruelling three-and-a-half hour interrogation in September 2009 had subsequently been questioned,”

            Well here’s one piece of evidence for you…..Hollie named 31 people in the Police transcripts not 22. I have read them – have you?

            All your doing is repeat, repeat, repeat all the old tosh!

            The medical evidence showed nothing other than she wasn’t a virgin. Considering she was an alleged victim of satanic ritual sexual abuse from the age of 6, not even this piece of unequivocal and verifiable evidence is enough to bring a semblance of rationale to your obvious deluded mind.

            Can you not look elsewhere for your entertainment after all these years?

            Oh and before you mention Anne’s psychiatric evaluation, if you’ve read it, you will have seen that Dr Smith ADMITS Anne could have suffered psychotic episodes… don’t bring all that baloney your hero Green spouted about “A clean bill of health!” Just another one of Green’s lies.

          2. #1 Hollie has been entirely consistent at all times and during gruelling three hour long police interviews

            #2 Detective Inspector Alley found Hollie to be “A reliable witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim”

            #3 The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, based on the standard civil standard of proof – the balance of probability- found that Hollie was telling the truth and had suffered repeated rape and sexual abuse as a child

            ASK YOURSELF why are some peopel so keen to cover this up?

            ae happy just tae let the state cover it up, but actively HELP !

          3. Hahahaha!!

            1. How do you know Hollie was “consistent” during her police interview? Have you read the transcript? NO YOU HAVEN’T BECAUSE GREEN WOULDN’T LET YOU.

            You’re simply parroting your bezzie mate Green – YET AGAIN!

            Hollie was consistent – yes. Consistently repeating the same things over and over again yet failed to describe her surroundings at all! She couldn’t even tell the Police the colour of the bed covers, or the wallpaper, or ANYTHING about her surroundings.

            2. D.I Alley was correct. She is an innocent victim – a victim of her mothers abuse, and a victim of all you lot! She was also reliable TO THE BEST OF HER ABILITY. Which as we all saw on the Edge Media interviews her ability is severely disabled. If you know anything about her life, you would know that when she was born she was not expected to survive so bad were her disabilities.

            This is what D.I Alley meant because there are also many Police documents showing the Police believed “Anne was putting words into Hollies’ mouth.” There is one which clearly shows the Police investigated Hollies’ carer and the allegations made about her children – ALL FOUND TO BE FALSE!

            Are you Brian Gerrish’s TWIN! He cherry picks also! LOL

            3. CICA – Yawn…..done that, been there and all the rest. Proves nothing and you know it.

          4. RG’s Stonehaven trial – DC Lisa Evans testified under sworn oath that Grampian Police HAD NEVER investigated Hollie’s named accusers following Anne’s initial complaint – nor since …… and the named abusers who gave evidence against Robert admitted under sworn oath they had never been interviewed by the police viz the sexual abuse allegations.
            Now if that doesn’t stink of an officialdom-level coverup / subversion of justice then the Masonic secret handshake brotherhood is the best show in town.

          5. Oh my life… are stupid aren’t you. No, not stupid, I apologise, deluded!

            As you well know – Hollies’ dad and brother were interviewed, background checks were made on others. But there was no evidence to interview anyone else because after interviewing Hollie the Police knew it was all made up!

            DC Evens was speaking the truth, and so were the others – they only ever interviewed in Green’s case, not Hollies’ because they were two entirely different cases.


      2. Did she? I didn’t know she got a payout. Like I say, being from Aberdeenshire I have always wondered at the hoax frame hung on this in the past few years. As I have already asserted, the might of Freemasonry there is mammoth. When a global society has members in a locality from manual council workers, bus drivers, bank clerks, publicans, pharmacists through to the police, procurator fiscals offices staff and aristocracy then you have all bases covered for making something just disappear.

  18. Barrister Blogger indeed. Utter egocentric scatalogical crap by career gatekeeper / disinformation agent scumsters. Should be re-titled Barrackroom Bullshit.

      1. Anyhow….this is about The Hampstead Hoax not the Hollie Greig Hoax…so further comments should be limited to such I believe – because the HG nutters will never cease…they have to keep feeding their delusion….good job there are only 3 of them LOL

        1. Its not your blog, so not your call.

          The Hollie Greig page has 500 000 hits so its not over is it ?

          Why do you hate gypsies?

          Gandhi was a criminal of the British state so really thats no guide.

          Jannar wont be, is he innocent .

          Would you let him look after your children?

          Most likely yes.

          1. There is no one I “hate” – not even you. Although you are a wretched human being and one that tried to save himself from jail by blaming his own son….One look at your blog and everyone can tell what sort of an individual you are.

            Have a pleasant evening…

          2. It’s true it’s not his blog, but it is mine and I think I will have to put a stop to any more Hollie Greig comments very soon!

  19. Mathew fine tis your blog and great blog on Janner. Jon I am not Tym but I like his work.The travellers can make up their own mind, we have let them know your thoughts. You are a bombastic oaf however …and your little closing ditty is border line moronic.

    1. Rusty Nail – well done. Anyone who “Likes” the work of an abhorrent and abusive individual such as Timothy Rustige, a man who went to jail for such abuse, has laid his stall out for everyone to judge. And I suggest they do so….

      My closing ditty was nothing but the truth…Timothy denied being known as “Rusty” and attempted to blame everyone else including his son (who was also known as Rusty) for posting the bile on his blog.

      ” But during his evidence former mechanical engineer Rustige blamed everyone from his wife and his son to members of a political activist group called Prisoners of Conscience for writing the offending material.”

      As far as Travellers are concerned, I have been to Westminster and attended meetings with The Communities Minister Brandon Lewis – and held dialogues with Chief Constables’ in an effort to help local communities that suffer the minority of anti-social Travellers – but also in an effort to improve facilities for Travellers, including building more transit sites. What exactly have you done?

      Don’t worry, that was a rhetorical question, because I have no intention of debating any of that with the likes of you.

      I think rational thinking viewers of this blog will judge what/who is moronic or not….

      Have a pleasant evening.

  20. No Jon I meant this seriously odious closing line.

    Have a pleasant evening

    Rusty was jailed by a dubious Scottish legal system, glad you revel in it.

    What I have I done, I have done many things but I was always taught humility was a virtue.

    However I suspect your real reason was this

    “All the above including the intimidating behaviour some residents encountered (yours truly included) ”

    As for using someone elses name, well thank you Rusty

    I wont clutter up Mathews blog anymore…

    Have a pleasant evening

    1. Ahh…David is it?

      I suspect your humility is sod all – apart from supporting the harassment of innocent people the way you support the likes or Robert Green and Rusty.

      How on earth anyone can talk about “Humility” and support the vile, abusive, abhorrent ramblings of Timothy Rustige is absolutely absurd.

      Certainly I experienced intimidation, but I responded because of thousands of people from my community. BUT! And here’s the kicker….I understand why there is a minority of anti-social travellers, and whilst it’s perfectly correct that the settled community should be protected from such intimidation, it’s also correct the needs of Travellers are met.

      And that’s what I was involved in.

      Classic distraction, that’s all you are attempting to do…from your criminal friends to me.

      Fact is, Robert Green is a convicted criminal – as is your mate Rusty.

      Of course its always the justice system that is at fault eh…..

      Please, have a more pleasant evening… 😉

  21. Every single person dismissing this case as a hoax IS INVOLVED! Stinks so badly this case. Just the fact that so many links have been removed from the internet and the case has never made it to mainstream media says it ALL.

    1. “the case has never made it to mainstream media says it ALL.”

      The father was interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire on the BBC…..but I’m sure that will simply add to your delusion.

      1. Did you see that interview? I work for the BBC and even I knew he was lying and crying crocodile tears. Made quite a few of us feel sick. The kids are telling the truth, no doubt in our minds!!

    2. If you listen to Radio 4’s “The Report” this Thursday at 20.00 you will hear an in depth investigation into the case, including, I think, an interview with Sabine.

      1. ARE YOU JOKING i have never in my life heard a programme so pathetic….even if i didn’t know the complexities of this in the world i would become suspicious, clearly the bbd is happy to be part of a war on Conspiracy theorists…hippies who drink wait it HERBAL TEA (ooooh it were very weird said the actress) Well i couldn’t tell who was acting and who wasn’t. All design to beffuddle an confuse. CLEARLY the programme was assuming that just because the judge won in his revolting all powerful way that it is therefore true…HMMMM DERRRRR wake up people!!! By the way i cannot be bothered to punctuate you naive intellectuals are just annoying and at worst clearly knowing of what you are doing …trying to make us mad and bad and blah blue blah….the way patriarchs do!!

  22. The popularity of these hoaxes suggests that a disturbing number of people actually want it to be true. They like the idea and wallow around in the subject because they enjoy thinking about it. Their outrage is for those who would spoil their fun by telling them that it’s not true.

    1. Sadly you’re right Rose. The good news is that they are usually the same individuals and thankfully they are a relatively small minority.

      The main perpetrators are Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeil (who is wanted by the Police) and Brian Gerrish of the UK Column.

      They have their own band of followers, some of whom are vulnerable individuals themselves and don’t really realise they are being exploited.

      It’s a profitable business with all the donation buttons, speaking engagements and T Shirt selling which one presumes is their ultimate goal.

      There is a place for decent Alternative Media but most certainly not these exploitative charlatans.

    2. No…we are so bloody angry that this vile activity keeps getting covered up and children are being kept in the care of their abusers. 20 years ago noone would have believed the cover-ups that went on to hide establishment beasts, why is this so hard to believe?

      1. Sounds like Rose is having a little wallow her(?)self. There are a number of these cases that have been proved to be true and resulted in convictions – Marie Rose in Norwich being a recent one. The question is whether Hampstead is true to any extent. It is something that should be investigated. Simples.

    3. Rose just look online, Google are lying to everyone, telling you this is a hoax. I’m a mum and I believe the children are telling the truth. I think those who don’t want to believe the children, either dont care, have not looked into this properly or actually enjoy all this, serious allegations being passed off as fake news gives pedos hope they can get away with child abuse in the future, If you have children and can turn a blind eye to this, Then you better pray to god your children will be safe from sex abusers and liars. dont be ignorant, help these children, please dont think this can never happen to you. the world is crazy these days, look at the gutted body painted on a building in brussels, look at the boy getting raped at knife point painted on a building in brussels, what do you think this is about, they are trying to condition us into satanic ritual pedo abuse. They are also trying to legalize men having sex with little boys. How an earth can you say this is fake. Wake up.

      1. Sadly, it is you, Laura, who doesn’t appear to have looked into this case properly.

        Why not look into what was happening with Abe and Ella just prior to the hoax being put online?
        You may just learn why they accused all the people they did.

        Also, why not try and get your head around the fact that Abe has 37 previous convictions? Also a Police Caution for abuse against his own son.

        Did you hear Abe shitting himself when he realised the same cop who dealt with him over the previous case with his son, was now dealing with Ella’s children? Why was he so concerned if he was innocent of any wrongdoing?

        Did you know the Doctor who carried out the Medical Reports on the children, recommended the children be removed from Ella and Abe’s care due to the FRESH injuries found on the children, after their return from their month long holiday in Morocco?

        Did you know the children had levels of THC in their hair samples only akin to ingesting cannabis (not hemp as Abe is often heard saying)?

        The boy came back from Morocco with a perforated eardrum saying it was caused when Abe had him hard on the side of the head while coaching him what to say on camera.

        The girl told Police that Abe kicked her in her “front privates”.

        Both children told Police they did not want to returned to their Mother and her boyfriend.
        I for one, am glad they weren’t.

  23. There is no Hampstead Satalic Cunt. It moved to St Albans a couple of years ago, because it wanted a bigger back garden.

    Good performance on Radio 4 by Lord Scott-No-Longer-of-NW3. Would have been further enhanced had he worn a few medals for some subtle background jangling.

  24. In a short answer to: What can we do? Why do we seem powerless in the face of these evil-doers who are holding alisa and gabriel hostage? How can The Authorities protect these criminals and allow decent human beings to be treated like this?
    We need to realise the enormity of the problem and remove the cause. The cause of our problem is that we – humanity – have been fooled into giving our power and authority away to creatures operating at a very low level of existence. There are lots of ways that trick has been accomplished, and so lots of ways we can remove the cause – but I think we need to do it together.

    A longer answer is here, with a suggestion of one of the ways to help remove the cause of the problem( of course there are many other ways too):

    If we take as a starting point that the children are telling the truth – and it’s a sound starting point because they ARE – we begin to get an idea of the scale of this cult of Satanic child rapists and murderers: all the teachers and most parents in all the schools named; the clergy in all the churches named; all the people in the police, social services and CAFCASS; all those involved in trafficking babies for sacrifice and those responsible for disposing of the bodies; all those involved in the film making and distribution; all the drugs being handled and distributed by the cult, and all the complex money laundering operations. The extent of this Cult’s activities obviously requires incredible resources, and an extensive, well-organised network in place. There’s no way such a network could function without the knowledge, and therefore CONNIVANCE of the secret services. With very limited resources compared to the police ( but with the unlimited resources of a good heart, empathy and a passion for the truth), Hampstead Research, FROM ITS INCEPTION, started to uncover evidence that just such an extensive criminal network exists. In contrast, the police “investigation” uncovered no such evidence; stored some very INCRIMINATING evidence out of sight of the police and social services investigating teams; successfully arrested the two innocent children after a second interrogation; extracted part-retractions from alisa and gabriel at the third interrogation attempt – but only after they had been detained and separated from their mum for six days. Then the police used Emergency Protection(Racket) Powers to hold the children captive to prevent them from revealing any more secrets.
    The police “No Crime’d” and closed the case with the CRIS report reflecting the already prepared headline, which was also the basis of Pauffley’s so-called hearing and judgement: “Wicked Mum and Boyfriend Coach Kids to Win Custody Battle with Devoted Dad”. And as the Dutch poster very sharply noted: “This was, of course, all the mother’s idea, in order to lose her children and flee the country. It all makes perfect sense, why else would you put your children through that physical and emotional abuse? If you want to change your life? Lose your job, your house, friends, family and your children and everything you have? If you want to be arrested or flee the country, start all over anew. Then that’s the way to do it. You torture your children, come up with a fantastic bunch of lies. Then you go to the police, have your children interviewed. And voila, success guaranteed.”
    The motive offered by The Authorities to explain why the children said what they did is not pathetic, it’s not even absurd – it’s just simply INSANE. And it just proves the courts are controlled by the same well-organised maniacs who control the police.
    That not one MP has raised the Hampstead Case in Parliament, for fear of political suicide, just goes to prove they are ALL also controlled, and many deeply involved. Who has control of government (and by extension, the judiciary and the police) to such a degree? Could it be the group to whom the unpayable national debt of trillions is owed? That group of anonymous Bankers, headed by the Rothschild Banking Mafia? Well, if you follow the money and an enormous amount of research done on this, that’s where it leads. This Banking “Elite” is just a Satanic mob of Filth that prints its own worthless toy Monopoly money, and has fooled everyone into believing – with the help of government – it has some value. It is The Emperor’s New Money and we offer our produce, assets, our lives’ energy and our children’s lives’ energy in exchange for this filthy, worthless money – a sacrifice to the devil if ever there was one. The “National Debt” is a scam set up where the government (of any political colour) offers the population’s productive capacity, or living energy, or simply LIVES, as security for a loan of Rothschild toy Monopoly money that can never be repaid. This scam has been going on for generations, and it’s a common misconception that governments were tricked into this by the bankers. The truth is that governments are, and always have been, willing accomplices to this fraud; they are the middlemen between their Masters and us, the people they pretend to serve.
    How can we remove this Satanic and Murderous Rothschild family monopoly-money power, which is destroying not just this land, but the whole planet?
    Here’s a suggestion: We produce our own Monopoly money. By “we” I mean each and every one of us. We print, draw, write Our Monopoly money which is not backed by anything other than good will. Forget gold, silver, precious, metals, gems as these are also concentrated in the hands of the few, and a currency backed by these keeps the many in the same trap. One unit of Our Monopoly money, or “OM” would equal one unit of any currency, thus: OM1 = ₤1, $1, €1, or Rupee 1 – or whatever currency you like – it’s always on a 1:1 unit ratio. Whatever the price of something, in whatever currency, you just write the required amount in OM’s on a piece of paper and hand it over as payment. You just need something to write with and a piece of paper. If you can’t afford a pen or pencil, borrow one, then write yourself enough money to buy one. Self-created OM’s would erase the artificially created situation of rich and poor, and that artificially constructed division between the two – and all the artificially constructed levels in between. Rich and Poor is the same as Master and Slave. If ANYONE has money power over you, you are a slave to that person. That’s an incontestable FACT, and until we face that fact we will continue as slaves.
    And if our slave owners happen to be Satan-worshipping, child raping, murdering megalomaniacs – and they are, then we are in serious trouble – and we are. You might think the idea of using “Our Monopoly” money is crazy, but it doesn’t even begin to approach the insanity of using that filth that is the printed and minted Monopoly money owned by The Rothschild Mafia.
    Contrary to what most people think the Rothschild family were in fact Germans who adopted a Jewish name, and are oht jewish at all. they serve the Vatican as hokd the keys on their logo.
    Could this be one way to stop these monsters in their tracks, and secure the release of not just alisa and gabriel, but all our children threatened by this evil?

    Love to know your thoughts on this.

    1. Thank you for your long comment. You asked for my thoughts on it. Sorry to be blunt but my thoughts are that it’s utter rubbish.

      1. Jack is spot on

        Matthew what is it exactly you don’t think is happening?
        What exactly in Jacks post is rubbish?

        Don’t believe the gap between rich & poor is widening?
        Rubbish you say ?

        Don’t think the monetary system put in place by the central bankers is unsustainable & flawed?
        Rubbish you say?

        Don’t believe there is absolute,total,rotten to the core EVIL
        In this world ?
        Rubbish you say

        Don’t believe there are cults & secret societies that keep there activities hidden ?
        Rubbish you say ?

        Don’t believe people in power (governments & all its departments) have secret agendas,lie & cover things up ?
        Rubbish you say ?

        Matthew,for you to say Jacks post is utter rubbish is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read on all of these posts.
        And that’s saying something.

        By saying Jacks post was utter rubbish,is just plain wrong
        He made some points that nobody could possibly refute

        But you refute for a living don’t you Matthew ?

        Imagine that people,arguing and defending someone or something that you don’t really believe in,but have to because it’s your job
        What a shitty shallow existence

        One last thing, instead of the so called strip search of the alleged perpetrators,how about a televised lie detector for all of them
        If they have nothing to hide & want all the harassment to stop
        Seems to me if the majority of them pass the lie detector
        Case closed.
        (Obviously some might give a false reading from nerves and whatnot)

        But if most fail the lie detector
        because they will be getting judged sooner than they think
        I would of thought

        Please someone pose the question to the ALLEGED perpetrators “WILL YOU TAKE A LIE DETECTOR TEST TO CLEAR YOUR NAME” ?
        get it on camera.
        Their answer to this question will tell us probably all we need to know
        Innocent people jump at the chance to clear their name
        Guilty people …. Not so much


      2. I have to agree, Matthew. He lost me when he talked about the “evil-doers who are holding the children hostage”.

  25. The Truth On The Hampstead Alleged SRA Child Sex Abuse Story Is coming to the truth part in this sad story where supporters have gone abroad for their safety and the 2 children have sadly been put in to a cruel looked after care system judge for your self and comment on this story petition the met police and mps for a proper investigation in to these crimes.

    Church Teachers Police The Net Is closing in on you whistle blow now and pray for gods forgiveness.

  26. My name is laurent Boer (, and I have been harrassed and manipulated by an unknown hidden cult organization
    They drugged me insidiously, hypnotized me, they programmed my mind with hypnosis and several different kind of drugs, and they didn’t hesitated to do many illegal things including:
    – Under hypnosis, mental conditioning to make me feel terror to talk about them and what they do
    – use some addiction drugs to enforce the power of the hypnotizer on me
    – At work, air spray some kind of GHB drugs to train me to work harder
    – Under hypnosis, format my personality to fit their needs
    – Follow me in shops and coffee places to make me feel paranoid, harassed and under their control
    – Under hypnosys make me watch horror and homo movies every day under addictive drugs to get addicted to this
    – Installed software on my computer so they can remotely send subliminal trigger images
    – Under hypnosis make me hear for hours daily their speech teaching me that what they do to me is great and usefull

    How to get rid of this kind of secured powerfull worldwide organizations?

    Best Regards,

    1. I don’t think I am qualified to tackle a powerful worldwide organisation. All I can suggest is that you take your concerns to your local police. If the activities of the organisation are damaging your health, and you say that it is trying to get you addicted to drugs, I would also suggest that you should talk to your GP, who may be able to help.

    1. Not simply libellous/defamatory – but in breach of such ‘friparies’ as the Sexual Offences Act and various child protection laws…

      It’s unlawful to name anyone as the victim or alleged victim of a sexual offence.

      It’s also unlawful to name children invoved in a court case or as alleged offenders (one of the claims is that the children assisted in the murder of a baby) or offenders…

      There are I believe also a raft of offences in relation to malicious communication buried in there…

      The police are – to my certain knowledge – monitoring the site; some of us are now beginning to wonder when they will make their move as it has all gone on quite long enough!

      If you’re affected by the abuse I would suggest speaking to the police in the first instance; if no satisfaction then perhaps your solicitor might advise appropriately?

        1. Almost certainly because they are not very rich and don’t expect to get a penny out of largely anonymous, probably penniless or Russian based defendants.

          1. Many of those accused have sold their houses and left the area by all accounts. Seems a rather drastic measure to take. It’s definitely worth trying to clear your name through a defamation/libel suit even if you suspect that the defendants might not be able to pay damages.

            I understand that legal fees are expensive but again with all the accused working together, perhaps under the leadership of the headmistress or the chaplain, at least one legal case could be started and the mess would be cleared up once and for all.

            The case is not going away – as the continued responses to your blog indicate. It is very odd that none of the accused are doing anything to clear their names, almost 6 months down the line.

          2. The case has been cleared up once and for all by Pauffley J’s judgment. You lot wouldn’t be satisifed with any number of judgments. Sabine and her dreadful supporters would just cry foul & accuse the judge of being an illuminatus.

          3. I guess if they allowed doctors examine their privates to show they do not all have the alleged demonic tattoo the children claimed they all have, then police would be able to lay this to rest. Of course if these tattoos exist or have been removed, there will be evidence of this and the police can see something is going on.

  27. Brilliant piece! If I wasn’t such a traditionalist, I’d propose an affair and so will settle on sending you a virtual snog instead.

  28. what a crock. This guy shouldnt be on the internet. He knows nothing about how government works – and how theres a reputed 40 paedos in office in parliament. He’d probably deny there were any crimes at Dolphin Square, or Elm Tree Guest House.

    1. The Blog authour is part of the same legal cover up cabal with Barbara Hewison , Anna Raccoon and their fan boy Greg Lance Watkins. Their missions to dismiss and distract from establishment SRA and CSA cases

  29. And why exactly would your children also be victims if this is going on now and has been for years?
    Just because they went to the school ?
    Where has it been reported that every child at the school has been abused ?
    Just because you and your children weren’t involved doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to other children
    That kind of comment is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read regarding this matter
    It didn’t happen to your children (thank god) so it didn’t happen to other children

    I hope you don’t use this kind of logic in your day job

    You effing TOOL


    Interpretation. Hopeless at my job & probably get you more jail time than if you just represent yourself
    I mean no successful barrister has time on his hands to blog all day long
    Has he ?

  31. Greetings,
    My name is zenod damian and i am a satanist. I have been one for four years. i operate on all sort of spiritualism, satanic spells, and rituals. For inquires,request and complaint you can reach me.
    HAIL SATAN !!!

    1. Thank you for your comment Zenod, although unless you tell us a little more about what your Satanism involves I don’t think it advances the discussion very much further.

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  33. I have studied and researched the moral panic phenomenon for twenty years. Every time I think the outrageous delusion of Satanic ritual abuse has been abandoned and the lessons learned after lives and fortunes were destroyed, another case arises somewhere. I am afraid the terrible accusations and trials of the 1980’s and 1990’s and the lessons learned have been largely forgotten with the passing years. People remember the sensation and titillation around stories of abuse and satanism from the past, but fail to realize that the accusations were found to be totally false and often contrived or manufactured for revenge, or were the products of fear, paranoia and delusion which are powerful and destructive forces in our world, far more that any imagined conspiracy of evil.

  34. “The chances that a Satanic paedophile ring of this sort could operate at a Primary School are nil.” “The idea that all the parents were themselves in on the Satanism is itself absurd.” Care to prove or evidence either of these statements? Or are we meant to take them as self-evident?

  35. Clap clap you almost had me convinced only just a couple of things how comes so much detailed and extra details flowed from their mouths? AND having checked out some of the alleged abusers facebook pages and wedding agenda pics etc well they leave a hell of a lot to be desired!! well the truth will prevail and good luck to all of you

  36. Ricky Dearman needs lie detector. No one can look truthful on the polygraph when he is actually lying.

  37. I haven’t read ALL of the above comments, but I totally agree with A & G’s statements. It was sick how the police coerced them into changing their statements.
    Satanist lie to achieve anything since Lucifer is the father of all lies, so to the comment above when the Satanist suggests the terminology should be ‘Christian Ritual Abuse’ the reason they masquerade as Christian is to try corrupt peoples views on Christianity, they are OBVIOUSLY NOT Christians.
    Check the church/school/houses etc., for the rooms/DNA
    the answer is so SIMPLE that it is frustrating no one is doing this.
    OR are they giving the guilty parties time to eradicate all the evidence.
    To the Judge and the BBC you should be ashamed of yourselves!

    Also, Ricky Dearman your acting is pants, you couldn’t convince anyone you were genuine in that BBC interview and couldn’t even produce a tear when you tried for ages. Laughable.

    Father God please bring these children back to their mother and expose and punish all these cockroaches that like to hide in the dark!!! In Jesus mighty Name.

    ps David Howard, a lie detector test given to Ricky Dearman would not help, you need a heart first to have your heart react !

  38. You are a fucking idiot. Kids can’t go in to that much detail and be making it up! Have you even seen the interviews? You probably work with the occult. Just because u met the teachers and they were nice caring and gentle means jack shit!! The devil is a liar these people deceive that’s what they do!!

    1. I’m inclined to think you’re the idiot. The fact that I met the teachers, my children were happy there, I met lots of their friends who were happy too means a lot. It was a lovely school (and probably still is). If I work with the occult (whatever you mean by that), why was I never invited to these rape and cannibalism parties with the vicar? The most he ever offered me was a cup of tea at his vicarage summer party.

    2. I’m inclined to agree with you. The whole point of this kind of behaviour is that you would never know and would never believe it. The Queen was friends with Jimmy Savile and was painted by Rolf Harris – how much did that mean? Is she wondering why she wasn’t invited to any parties?

      However, I think that the author of this blog works with the occult as much as I work with, let’s say, David Icke; sometimes our views coincide (as on the aforementioned Savile, whom Icke called out as a pedophile necrophiliac the day he died whilst the BBC were delivering glowing obituaries) but I am not an employee and I have never met Icke.

      This case needed investigating, that’s all. Pauffley’s judgement stands as law but was not credible if one looks at the evidence properly. As we all know, the law makes mistakes; sometimes terrible ones. It’s job is not justice, it’s preservation of the status quo and protection of vested interests so it is allowed to fuck up from time to time (as our the bankers).

      Still it does respond to the bleeding obvious, eventually, and sometimes the wrongfully convicted are freed and those who thought they had escaped are punished. This happens as a result of relentless research to uncover the truth. That is still going on in this Hampstead case. A new website has sprung up with the transcripts of the videos sans pictures and names, as a resource for non-hysterical researchers. Some people have taken the time to do this and have done a good job so obviously there are some sane people out there who think something might be amiss in Hampstead

  39. What kind of garbage is going on here! American HERE! Who has studied this case for a long time. Thanks for not posting my comment! If you have any integrity what-so-ever, you will.

    1–If I was accused of such horribleness, of such a heinous crime, then put me in front of SEVERAL independent men, including the accused victims families and I will drop draws and gladly show my genitals! We all know a few doctors and dirty cops can be paid off. Is it a crime to have Satan on your junk? NO, but come on, look at what is being stated here!

    2–From my research, LONDON is filled with lying, ZIONIST, banking scum who wish to control EVERYTHING! The “royal” family is pure garbage, not unlike the politicians over here. Please internet search, “Jeffery Epstein Bill Clinton.” Please image search “2012 London Olympic Logo” Why is it the word ZION? “No, it’s 2012!” When does anyone dot the number 1? There is clearly a dot in the middle! zion!

    3–Sir Edward Heath, Jimmy Savile (very VILE indeed!) Leon Brittan
    Greville Ewan Janner, Baron Janner of Braunstone, TONS of names! Several “royal” names also! Why are all these guys implicated? You Brits tell me? Who has it out for them? Their jealous wives?

    4–Please read “The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska” by John w Decamp. PLEASE call him a liar, PLEASE!

    5–So, tin foil you say? PLEASE watch the documentary called “A Noble Lie.” Now after watching that, PLEASE call my fellow countrymen and women liars, PLEASE! Aaron and Elijah Coverdale deserve justice.

    To the GOOD people of England, OUR time is coming, there are MANY GOOD AMERICANS who feel your pain. We must not let these animals hurt us and our children any longer. OUR time is coming……

  40. I forgot an important point! It is ALWAYS the plan of “the powers that be” to over exaggerate everything, for several reasons. First, they want to make everyone sound crazy, make it sound unreal. Second, if they are caught in any way, then the truth will back up and take some heat off. Thirdly, is has the ability to discredit both sides.

    I highly doubt ALL the accusations are true in the Hampstead scandal. Yes children are rapped, yes they are sacrificed, yes they are abused. But again, if the ones doing it get caught onto, then they can cry “madness and no way possible!” Or after the fact when the evidence is found, “See it wasn’t like what was reported!” To try and get a mistrial. Use common sense people!

    There is a GOD. A and G Dearman deserve justice along with every other abused child present, past and future. The people behind these crimes will have their energies completely “wiped off the charts for eternity!”

  41. [Name edited] Has been convicted of child molestation, an possession of child pornography on his computer. Sexually molesting a young boy. He had prior convictions for child molestation in 1990 and 2001. After his parole in 2006. [Name edited] Works for [edited] mental health centre, despite his background, and numerous complaints against him of abuse, fraud, negligence, and imprisonment. Address: [edited]

    1. I have edited your comment. I have no means of checking the information and I am strongly against “vigilante justice” which comments such as yours are liable to provoke.

  42. Whenever children start to talk about satanism, the Law Society goes apeshit to try and cover it up. And as usually the case, members of the Law Society or the Govt are always alleged to be involved.

    It’s always the Pro-Law Society people who come out with articles like this, after the news breaks.

    This article is an admission of guilt, in regards to complicity. By writing it, you have put yourself in the case itself. You probably shouldn’t have stuck your head up.

    1. @Ethan Kawke said: “And as usually the case, members of the Law Society or the Govt are always alleged to be involved”. Always? You are certain about that?

      The famous Finkelhor study of child sexual abuse cases with allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse, involving schools, kindergartens, pre-schools, day homes and day care centers, published 1988, disagrees with you. The cases in Finkelhor’s study involved “…1,639 [alleged] victims (484 girls, 296 boys, and 859 whose gender was unspecified) and 382 perpetrators (222 males, and 147 females, and 13 whose gender was unspecified).”

      Exactly NONE, that’s ZERO, of the alleged perpetrators in these cases were specified to have been lawyers, politicians or government employees of any kind.

      Your statement was false, it’s not true that “members of the Law Society or the Govt are always alleged to be involved”. I believe that circulating false information about satanic child abuse conspiracies is called…spreading disinformation – isn’t that right? And who is in charge of spreading disinformation about satanism and child abuse? That’s right – the Secret Chiefs of The Illuminati and their minions…

      You probably shouldn’t have stuck your head up.

  43. I believe the kids I watched the father and there is something in my gut feeling he’s lieing there was no tear at all in his eyes. And I can’t believe eight and a nine year old would say something like this would make this up

      1. Lee, what do you believe in the ‘retractions’ exactly? The boy doesn’t retract. He says his father killed some babies but not lots. Do you believe that?

        The boy and his sister contradict each other on other key facts such as whether the father had ‘even met’ his ‘really close friend’. The ‘retractions’ are full of holes and wouldn’t last a second in a criminal court.

    1. @Janet – the children DID NOT “make up” these stories. Their mother and her boyfriend did. As usual, it was adults (mother and her boyfriend) – not children – who invented and “scripted” the basic satanic ritual abuse storyline, derived from an extensive mythology about satanic abuse cults that is easy to find online. The children may have added a few minor “details” from their own imaginations, likely some of the sillier ideas, out of desperation to satisfy the boyfriend’s demands to be told things he wanted to hear – so he would stop hitting them on the head with a metal spoon – but if so, that would have been some time after knowledge about extreme child sexual abuse practices and human sacrifice had been drilled into their minds by marathon rehearsals of false allegations, conducted by the boyfriend.

      There are recordings of these marathon rehearsals, made by the mother and the boyfriend themselves. You can hear for yourself, the boyfriend TELLING the children what they had supposedly experienced, and who the supposed abuse perpetrators were, and then making them recall and repeat some detail that had obviously been previously discussed with them. At one point in these recordings, the boyfriend leads the children in rehearsing a chant which is supposed to be a key component of the human sacrifice rituals. He says: “And what do we say? KILL THE BABIES! KILL THE BABIES!” and the children repeat this phrase a few times, after which the boyfriend says: “That’s right. I like the sound of that…”

      1. Lets get it right! Listen to ALL of the childrens police interviews. they clearly say there dad abuses them and NOT there mum, they said there mum is innocent, she is a vegan and she is not allowed to the party where there dad takes them to kill babies and forces them to sacrifice and eat the babies. The children even ask the police if they are going back to there mum because they HATE THE PARTY THAT THE DAD TAKES THEM TO..

        1. Thank you for your comment Laura, but its complete nonsense and I’m sorry you are inviting people to listen to the children’s interviews. It is quite appalling, and abusive, that they are still being made available online. The judge listened to all the evidence and found that the mother and boyfriend were responsible for coercing (I could use a stronger word) the children into making false allegations.

          And what is more, I knew the school. I knew the teachers,; they were very nice people. My children happily attended the school. Nobody invited me to participate in satanic orgies or invited me to dinner parties at which broiled babies were served. I wasn’t selected as a parent because I was a Satanist, and I’m not a Satanist. You’ve been hoodwinked.

          1. Don’t waste your time Matthew, Laura, like so many before her, is yet another religious extremist with cognitive dissonance.

            Get some help Laura….. Any right minded thinking person can easily tell the children would simply be completely unable to recount that sort of abuse the way they did.

          2. If you read Pauffley’s judgement you will see she states that she didn’t actually watch the videos and she listened to the audio on most but not all of the videos.

            These things get covered up, that’s life unfortunately. They have to be. Abused children contribute very little to society compared to their abusers. Judges and (and chosen bloggers) are part of that system and have a duty to uphold it.

  44. If the author was a parent pf the children there, she was either involved and is covering up or wasnt part of the 20 children they were actively using

  45. Oh man, oh man. My professor was right when he told the whole class that Great Britain is the capital of Satanism. Going to the highest levels. Since Satan is ruler of the world it is possible to get away with these rituals. To those who say that the kids are making this up, I would say it also if I was part of the coven.

  46. What goes around comes around karma will come to those who deserve it even to the people at the top of the food chain x God is more powerful than Satan

  47. [Someone’s been convicted of child sex offences in New Zealand. This comment gave his name & address. Edited]

    1. ie they’re not guilty of what they were charged. ….anyone who knows them, knows they are guilty of much, much more. …

      1. THATS IT not guilty .Its not hard . Why dont you put it up with your name and address Jon since you know so much . Or are you just a rent a mob unhappy that justice has been done.

      1. Proof …? Otherwise you are only doing what you are accusing them of doig , and they certainly seem to have proof of abuse being carried out by person or persons unknown. This seems to have been confirmed by medical evidence.

        I cant understand why the mother would do it when she had custody then highlight it.

        That said they were ill advised naming anyone and showing the childrens faces.

        So we await your unfounded statement of guilt to be backed up with even a fig leaf of proof of what you say.

        You no doubt accused these women before they were aquitted, so you have been wrong before..

        1. Good point Grim Reaper. The whole campaign against Sabine and Neelu has been based on harrasment of a very similar kind to that which they have now been acquitted. They may both be bonkerd but they are not guilty. Their names have been cleared in a criminal court (not by a family court doing a PR job). Twice now. These two old ladies are far braver than the parent who openly boasts of being
          protected by the establishment and the Hampstead locals (and facilities) that
          shut up shop, sold houses and did a runner.

          1. Thank you, I must applaud Mathew for allowing such a wide range of comments though very disappointed that he points to the clearly biased Hoaxted page as some sort of evidence. Mathew if they had been found guilty I doubt there would have been any belly button searching .

            Like the Ben Fellows case when the conspiricyloons are put to a LEGAL test and found NOT guilty that apprently isnt sufficent . What a topsy turny world…

  48. Oh look, a fucking “Barrister” (Freemason Prostitutes), spreading your carefully scripted propaganda, If you had any balls, as a “Barrister” you’d represent us “Stock” under “Common Law” not “Maritime Law” with all the Legalese bullshit, now, unlike the “Satanic/Hampstead” conspiracy, you can’t deny that can you…
    You’re either a very naive Barrister or Gatekeeping for the Old Boys Network.

  49. Thank you for returning my faith in humanity. I’ve just spent 3 hours watching youtube videos and reading the comments below i can’t understand how people could be so stupid and gullible. They were arguing with people who didn’t believe it saying they had no common sense, like it’s common sense to believe in something like this.
    My brain can not fathom the stupidity in these people. Aparently the govenment and police are in on the cover up and even the queen. Rather than believe the mother and boyfriend abused the kids and forced them to say what they did, they want to believe that all British people are satanist child abusers. I just read some Russian whore saying Putin should nuke us because we are all satanic child abusers!
    This just isn’t logical and anyone with a normally functioning brain would see this.

  50. “The idea that politicians and others would stand by and watch murders taking place; that the bodies could be disposed of and everyone who knew of the crime, including people who were horrified by it, would simply remain silent for 30 or 40 years is inherently unlikely.”
    I’m sorry, but this is a disingenuous and misleading statement. Firstly, politicians are used to keeping secrets under the Official Secrets Act and take them to their graves. Secondly the levels of sexual misconduct and general sleaze amongst politicians is well recorded. One is reminded of a Chief Whip (can’t recall his name) who stated in a TV documentary that secrets are nurtured by Whips to encourage compliance, for example if the MP had done something “to young boys”……..
    As to satanic rituals only Wikipaedia still contests that they don’t go on.
    One is tempted to believe that you are either naive or complicit. Which?

  51. Dear matthew, you should visit our fine establishment in D.C sometime. We have excellent selections of pizza and extra sauce on different pastas. We have ping pong, but dominos is also a very prevalent option. This seems like your kind of place! Please bring your entire family as we have children play rooms on the premises as well! We are the talk of the town, with many popular and influential characters frequenting our establishment on a weekly basis. Once again we are very family friendly and would love for you to bring your children sometime!

    Love and happiness, The Comet Pizza team!

  52. Dear all especially Michael

    your taking the Micky or is it the Michael
    I’m afraid barristers are prostitutes, also English was correct, we are better served by common law
    Jesus would be turning in his London grave, at what has been going on

    ps was is Hoover that declared there is no such thing as the mafia,
    i wonder if it was because he used to like dressing up in ladies dresses and let members of the mafia bugger him ??

  53. I am shocked as a barrister you dont seem to favour JUSTICE. This is a human right and these two children did not get that. They never got a chnace in court to give their evidence yet their is evidence of their injuries etc. They gave intomate details of their abusers but did they get investigated? No. Did they go to court? No. These are aerious allegations yet they were not taken seriously? Children who spoke of horrendous sexual abuse and it never got investigated properly or fairly? Hmmmm strange that. Again swept under the carpet by the higher powers. By the very people we are meant to trust. The Police. Youre article seems that you deem them young children as liars yet youve no proof. There is at least evidence to prove something happened thats for sure. Another thing about your article that is foolish is this paragraph “Lovers of paedophile and Satanist conspiracies have been having a wonderful time recently with their claims that a Satanist paedophile ring has been operating from Christ C” Who the hell would love to have a wonderful time reading about that… sounds like its obvious what side you are on.

  54. I find this blog post to be surprisingly uneducated about the realities of child sexual abuse. Are you seriously under the impression that child sexual abuse does not occur, or that its link to satanism in some cases somehow means “it didn’t happen”? Just a quick Google or Youtube search will point you to some well-documented, known cases of satanic ritual abuse linked to child sexual abuse.

    Is it silly, that adults with low self-confidence dress up in Dracula capes, wear horns and play with blood, thinking that makes them cool? Yes, of course. It’s funny, and telling about a person’s lack of development.
    BUT: Surely that shouldn’t mean that adults who do this, should get away with murder and child sexual abuse.

    On Dr Hodes, the doctor who examined the two Hampstead kids, you have your facts wrong. (which makes me feel you might be a disinfo agent, seeing as, as a barrister, you might be expected to be able to read a judgment without such glaring errors of reading comprehension as this:)

    Dr Hodes never backed down from her finding that the kids showed anal scarring and injuries, consistent with sexual abuse. She was unequivocal. Abuse occurred.
    The bit you quote in the post, is from a peer review, that saw that some of the scars could have possibly been a normal variant. (reading the judgment, this seemed quite a leap of imagination, but was seen to be in the realm of possibility)
    BUT: There was one injury they could not explain away, it was very unusual, “clear and striking”, and was clear evidence abuse had occurred.

    What was interesting, was that the judge spent a whole page in the judgment, speaking about her annoyance at the fact that Dr Hodes had stuck to her guns and kept confirming that abuse had occurred (Dr Hodes had 20 years’ experience). That fact somehow didn’t go well together with the “established narrative” of the case, it seemed.

    It is also fairly suspicious that BOTH kids, had several anal injuries consistent with sexual abuse, considering that they BOTH confirmed in the police interviews, that they had been sexually abused by multiple adults, multiple times, with alarming detail of the practices. (I challenge anyone to read the injuries as laid out in the judgment, and still believe no sexual abuse occurred.)

    Interestingly, the boy, never recanted his allegations on being sexually abused at the swimming pool by several adults, or that his dad kills babies. But kept confirming these happened.

    Also, interestingly, the one time BOTH kids CLEARLY lied, was when asked in their “retraction” interviews, about why they both had anal scarring, and they both said they had no idea (the girl made vague excuses about maybe having slipped in a bathroom when she was small, but that she had no memory).
    Knowing Dr Hodes and other doctors confirmed the injuries to their anuses exist, and sexual abuse occurred, why would the children, in these last interviews, suddenly tell such a huge lie…? Now that they were supposed to “feel free to tell the truth”?
    That makes no sense. Unless someone had told them to lie.
    So: Since they clearly lied about the anal injuries in the last interviews, what else did they lie about in the same interviews, and why….?

    Interesting questions, are they not?

    P.S. No one is claiming that the entire staff of Christ Church school, or all the parents are involved in playing with blood and skulls, and you should know this, so that’s a very silly thing to suggest. (Unless you were trying to be funny, in which case you failed.)
    We are clearly talking about a small minority of population here, as in all satanic abuse cases.

    Take care, and a little more accuracy with facts next time would not hurt.

    1. I’m not going to reply to all/any of your points because it’s all been done…..many times….by many people….. including myself.

      You try very hard via half decent writing skills to make some sort of case for your argument. You will of course argue my reply does’t address your points, therefore you will perhaps once again make reference to me being a “disinfo agent” or something else delusional individuals like yourself continually use …..which is partly what gives you away very early on in your post.

      There is not one shred of undeniable, verifiable evidence for ritual satanic abuse…..but plenty of evidence of fraudsters!!

      Heck the FBI closed the case on it a long time ago in the USA where it originated from.

      Even Hollywood (Oooooooh they are the centre for the world’s weirdness!!) even made a film about it!!

      I suggest you watch it ….after all, it’s entertainment you really crave….isn’t it?

  55. I’ve been following the Hampstead case since the kids were doxxed on Reddit in /r/conspiracy. It remains a popular topic there, only recently being supplanted by “Pizzagate”. This is the conspiracy theory that because of some strange wording in the Wikileaks Podesta emails, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta (and a range of others, all the way throughout the US government from the state to federal level) are all connected to an elite pedophile ring.

    It’s a bunch of nonsense. Just like the Hampstead story. But it’s not meaningless. This demagoguery has become quite dangerous to functioning government. The dissemination of this fake news is sustained in an organized and orchestrated manner. With the target being to diminish trust in governing authorities.

    You want to know why Brexit happened? Because of propaganda like the Hampstead conspiracy. And a bunch of others.

    Here’s my conspiracy theory: Russia. Run the line from aangirfan all the way through 4chan and past that and you’ll find a troll farm in the suburbs of Moscow.

    I’d like to recommend people google the blog “War on the Rocks” and search for the title “TROLLING FOR TRUMP”. A long form on how the Russian troll operation impacted the US Presidential election.


    > -Undermine citizen confidence in democratic governance;
    > -Foment and exacerbate divisive political fractures;
    > -Erode trust between citizens and elected officials and democratic institutions;
    > -Popularize Russian policy agendas within foreign populations;
    > -Create general distrust or confusion over information sources by blurring the lines between fact and fiction

    Almost all of which are at play in these bogus pedophile scandals. The game is to whip up a frenzy of anger among those in a culture predisposed to react to these charges. Get the story press. And then sow confusion and doubt among the larger population. In effect, getting real press outlets to publish stories about fake news – even if those stories challenge bogus claims on factual grounds. Because even negative coverage is still coverage.

    Now, I don’t doubt ya’ll think I’m a crackpot yank. But you got screwed with Brexit. And there’s plenty of good reason to believe the Russians were behind that, using social media manipulation to squeeze out an election result that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Just like with Trump in the US. And LePenn in France. And Strauche in Austria.

    Each of these nations has their own social fractures to manipulate. But it’s the same tactics, with neo-nazi alt-right kooks and Christian fundamentalists acting as front-line troops in demagoguery. And they all have a strong connection with the current Russian fascination with fascism.

    OK, so if you think this is kookery, still. Please do be careful about the institutional damage these unfounded pedophilia claims cause. They are an attack on the proper functioning of government. And they are well organized and executed. With extreme precision across social media platforms. Somebody is managing that. Someone very knowledgable about public relations and social media. I wouldn’t be surprised of this stuff is focus grouped too.

    1. unfounded pedophilia, is it really though. why are thousands of kids going missing each year and the news don’t show this? why are google and the news lying to us all the time? look at madaline mccann! John pedesta and his brother was in the same country as maddy when she went missing, they match the police sketch of the men seen. whoever wants to justify pedophilia and lies you better watch yourself. This is written, gods wrath and fury is near.

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  57. Why were there no `criminal charges` brought against the Hampstead 2`s Mother?… Could it possibly be because of this one reason!?! – If there was a criminal court case, then the Mother/ her Legal Team would then have the `perfect opportunity` to call/ cross-examine (the right of discovery) all suspects and witnesses named by the children!… There, the tattoos would be seen/ or not! Many thanks. Damo.

  58. There is a very interesting vid (posted today) on youtube about this very subject… `Hampstead Uncovered – SGT Report`. Hope you all find it as interesting and educational as I just have.

  59. How ignorant and selfish are people these days? How can anyone not believe these poor children unless you like this sick stuff? they go into a lot of detail, how would they know all this? Just look and listen to the dads interview with the bbc, Look and listen to there mum and both of the children’s interview, Look at the medical reports being leaked online now, why is dc steve martin in protection right now? then you will clearly see who is lying. Obviously google and the news will try to distort the truth because its a major pedophile cover up. Thank god the truth will always come out in the end, just like someone is leaking all the hidden evidence now. If this don’t bother any parent than I don’t know what will.

  60. I felt compelled to write this having read this article. I fully agree with what has been said in this article. The mother of these children abused them emotionally and physically, it is such a shame that a wonderful school’s name has been dragged into this. I went to Christ Church school, as did my brother and I left in 2011. I can tell you that there was no abuse of any kind. It is a C of E School meaning we did go to church for assembly every Wednesday but there was not any ritualistic killing more just a teaching and maybe a hymn or two. Some of my closest friends went to school with me there for all 7 years and a ‘scandal’ like this never happened. It’s such a shame that so many people find joy in conspiracy theories that have real and damaging effects on innocent people.
    If the abuse was so real why would only 2 out of around 200 pupils say anything?

    I would like to say, I would always try my best in any situation to belive the child or the victim, but in this case the children were tortured into testimony, whatever is said this level of precision can be taught.

    No I am not a child abuser or have been abused, I am a 16 year old that hates to see a place that taught her so much, ruined by baseless accusations.

    1. sorry “Grace” (assuming for a minute you are not a sockpuppet shill), but anyone who looks at the kids’ testimony will realize immediately they are speaking the truth as they witnessed it, and the so-called “father” Ricky Dearman, is lying his ass off and is a dangerous sociopath. Instead of attacking the children, maybe you should instead ask yourself why a proper investigation of school administrators has been blocked, only further confirming the terrible and likely very real accusations of child abuse at the school? The children’s accounts were so accurate and detailed that even a visitor to the could find the locations and surrounding areas just as they were described. Unfortunately, its seems something quite sinister is taking place in Hampstead. This pathetic lying lawyer Blogger Matthew Scott is lying now for pedophiles and child abusers, assuming he isn’t already one himself.

      1. Ken,
        None of what you say is true, you really have zero common sense or knowledge about the case whatsoever. The children were victims of abuse at the hands of the mother and her boyfriend, not a father who had spent the last 5 years trying to get access to his children, and had only just recently been successful in his endeavours.

        Abraham Christie, the mothers new boyfriend is a lifelong violent criminal who took the children to Morocco so he could get away with torturing the two children into making false allegations against the father, the school, the police, social services and anybody else who he and Ella had a problem with.
        You are supporting the idea that children can be brutally sexually assaulted by hundreds of adults and never once be hospitalised and just calmly talk about the abuse on camera in public, without any emotion whatsoever. That is very dangerous idea to spread and the mindset of a child abuser.

        Child abuse is never normal, or acceptable, yet here you are years later supporting two child abusers, Abe and Ella, and pushing the ideas that repeated sexual abuse does not cause any physical or mental trauma to a child.

        None of the claims add up and the children once safe from their real abuser, retracted the allegations completely. The police did more than enough of an investigation into this complete and utter ludicrous hoax that only the most deranged lunatics believe in.
        Why would you want to take away resources away from investigating genuine cases of child Sexual abuse? Have you got something to hide fella?

        No genuine anti-child abuse campaigner took the allegations seriously, because they know what they are talking about, they are not covering up anything, it’s just that they are not complete idiots.

        People like you are preventing the two children and all the innocent people whose lives have been turned upside down my a neglectant mother and her SRA, Hemp and TBMC obsessed criminal boyfriend, who should both be behind bars for their crimes.

        Normal people are happy when they realise something horrible is not true and the children were not forced to kill hundreds of babies, or sexually abused. But no, you cling to these conspiracy theory ideas like your whole world would collapse if you accepted it was all utter rubbish.

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    1. I have been a member of the Illuminati for many years now. I can tell you quite confidently this is spam LOL

  62. To quote you…

    “Teachers are urged to strip off to prove that they don’t have devil tattoos on their private parts, as though it is in any way reasonable that anyone should have to humiliate themselves at the behest of crazy troublemakers.”

    Well why not? It would instantly clear things up in this massive scandal (though I suppose by now they will have worked to have them removed). If the mother instructed them to say all of these things…why the hell would she tell them to say the teachers had tattoos on their privates? They were already saying so many shocking and terrible things; why include something like that that could throw it ALL out the window if investigated? I cannot believe no one ever sought to confirm this. This would have immediately credited or discredited the children’s story. No, this is NOT “humiliating” for people accused of this, and their humiliation should NOT be the main concern, and the fact that you paint them as victims for this is sickening. These allegations were extremely serious, and similar cases have sprung up all over the world. I understand that you don’t believe it and that you think people are getting carried away believing things that haven’t been proven, BUT THEY NEVER SOUGHT TO PROVE OR DISPROVE ANYTHING!!!

    Every time this happens, investigations are suppressed and anyone who tries to investigate or come forward ends up dead. Look at the Belgium case. Nowadays anyone who talks about is is labeled as crazy. TO ANYONE READING: YOU ARE NOT CRAZY FOR BEING CONCERNED ABOUT CHILDREN AND THINKING THAT THE ACCUSED SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED. THE FACT THAT THEY WEREN’T SHOULD BE VERY, VERY TELLING.

    We are arguing about whether or not an investigation is in order, not about whether the allegations are true. You are debunking a STRAWMAN. WE DON’T HAVE EVIDENCE BECAUSE WE NEED A FUCKING INVESTIGATION.

    Not like it matters at this point. The school has had plenty of time to cover things up.

  63. One thing that every report of this case missed is that, because of the lifestyle choices Ella and Abraham passionately adhered to, these children were most likely subject to enemas from a young age. I would love to know if Dr Hodes, or anyone involved in this case, considered this during their investigation.

  64. The childen were quite descriptive for liars, what about the tatoos they mentioned? I didn’t hear or see anything about that. That is hard to fake so maybe they should be examined and checked for these tatoos.

    1. They know those kids arent lying , kids do not make up stories like this , because children do not even know that stuff like that exists , they were describing personal experiences.

  65. Great Dr. Todd, I am so happy to tell you that Frank and I just got back from a wonderful second honey moon in Greece after renewing our vows. After being married for 10 years and 2 kids later, the luster had been long gone from our marriage until I found you. Our first wedding was in front of a judge, quick and to the point because neither of us could afford more. Our vow renewal was everything that we wanted and the honeymoon was absolutely amazing! It feels like we have fallen in love for the first time all over again. I owe you a big hug! E-mail manifestspellcast@gmail. com or manifestspellcast@yahoo. com

    Thanks! ~ Cora

  66. So the kids were abused into saying they were sexually abused, does that even make any sense ? I will believe the victims of this, before I believe the perpetrators of this heinous act. You expect us to believe all those kids were lying ? The ones who deny it are part of it . I would say I didn’t do it either, if I was caught doing something so sick and twisted. If we believe stuff like this doesnt happen , then we decieve ourselves , this happens all over the world, everyday. Queen beitrice tried to lie about her hunting parties too. Catholics are not of the Father or His Son, so do not think it is Christians that are doing this sick crap, cause Catholics worship Lucifer ad the queen of Heaven.

    1. It makes perfect sense, Erick. You have obviously come here with a certain mindset which will never be swayed or made to think rationally about this case.

      They were physically tortured and mentally abused on a month-long holiday in Morocco (some holiday for the children, eh?) to recite stories about their Dad, fed to them by Abe and Ella.

      The children were telling Abe’s lies, not their own. They had to recite them on camera or they would be beaten – this was all documented.

      As for the remainder of your comment, I’m not even going to reply to that nonsense!

    1. EXACTLY Jo

      We dont know who abused these children but abused they were and those desperate to cover it up are the most likely candidates as we can see from the plethora of Hoaxted sock muppets

      1. @ Francis, @ Jo
        People like you make me sick, you follow all the idiots who plaster the children’s videos, names and faces all over the internet believing the lies Abe and Ella wanted you to believe.

        The children deserve anonymity now. It was the Doctor who examined the children who recommended they be removed from Ella and Abe due to their fresh injuries,inflicted on them from their time in Morocco.
        The children even stated to Police they did NOT want to go back to their mother and her boyfriend.

        For goodness sake give the children the peace to grow up like they deserve instead of bleating on about a damn hoax.

  67. Donald Trump is coming for you satanists and gatekeepers. Everything hidden will come to light, there will be no more secrets. YOU ARE NO LONGER PROTECTED!! Once your crimes are revealed to the public you will either be rotting in prison or you will never be able to walk the streets in public again. May God have mercy on your souls. #QANON

  68. If you are practising law then surely you of all people should not think that because someone is nice to you or your children that, tharts who they really are. No it’s not fantasy . Those children and mother ridden over by cabal again

  69. Well everyday a schoolday, I thought the Holocaust revisionists and the Apollo Mission naysayers had cornered the market in Moon howling failure to accept reality…

    The police, with the yellow press breathing down their neck, i.e the sort of conditions where they have a propensity to fake it if necessary, have looked into the Satanic abuse thing several times and found no evidence that they can take to court.

    Given how little actual physical evidence you actually need to get say a murder conviction. In Barry George’s for example 1 grain of powder garnered from a garment that had been handled outside the PACE guidelines. It’s time to give it up.

  70. The pedophile fathers acting on
    The 60 minute propaganda bbc
    Show, was as much as I needed
    To see.
    Where the children also schooled
    When they where giving evidence
    To the police separately, and giving
    Graphic details of the incidents.?
    The same rotten BBC that covered
    For saville for decades. The people
    Know now what demonic elites have
    Been ruling the U.K. for centuries,
    Your demise is imminent, the people
    Have been slaughtered by wars to
    Keep the elites in the lives they’ve
    Become accustomed to, but you
    Hurt our pure children and watch
    The tide turn, your law degrees will
    Be of no use.

  71. I saw the interview, they are impromptu in the way they were conducted. If the information submitted given by the kids was retracted it can only be because the kids and their mother were threatened by the satanists. Those interviews could not have been information taught to a kid, the information and the way it was delivered point to personal experience.

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