No, Ann Coffey, we should not tamper with juries in rape trials
November 23, 2018 Uncategorized

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  2. Many of these so-called myths are simply made up:

    Others are true.

    There will be another live hangout with the International False Rape Timeline next Wednesday at 10pm London time. Previous hangouts can be found at the Internet Archive:

  3. What continues to annoy me is that no research has been allowed into how juries work and make their decisions. If it were allowed it might give us some understanding of how jurors make their decisions and why.

  4. We critisise many countries for their approach to ‘policised’ and ‘popularised driven’ justice, yet here we in the UK go again in distancing ourselves from true justice. The doctrine of being judged by ones peirs has been the mark of the UK’s fairness in delivering justice and something that has the admiration of nearly every country in the world. Yet here we are having to consider a proposal, in these very uncertain popularist times, of looking like the UAE and maybe even resorting to 5 minute trials for serious cases.

    Anyone who stands accused will meet the full force of judicial system if they are guilty and sadly it is the court of public judgement that takes over, if they are no found guilty and the indiviudal will be piloried and judged as being ‘let off’ by the court by many of these rampant feminists.

  5. Matthew. I’m afraid I have to disagree with you for once. The idea that this is a “stereotype of the left” is in itself a stereotype.

    I believe passionately in jury trials for rape, as do a good many of my fellow very left wing members of the criminal Bar.

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