Guest Post: Tommy Robinson tells you what the MSM covers up

He’s got impeccable sources and he tells it as it is.

Over to you Tommy.



Yes, she was shot by the Taliban, hardly something to be proud about is it?

Yes, she won the Nobel Prize. But what’s she done since? I’ve been locked up, imprisoned, denied a television and fed on a starvation diet for exposing grooming gangs, when all she’s done is lie in a comfy hospital bed and then go to Oxford – Oxford! The headquarters of Britain’s grooming gangs. But living in her ivory tower she knows nothing about what Muslims are actually like. Embarrassing.

[Sniffs and rubs wax into hair]

Nelson Mandela

Why is this man still even remembered? He did nothing for his country except hand it over to the Muslims. Spent years living in luxury on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, and never said a word about Sharia law or grooming gangs or no-go zones all over Africa. Someone close to Nelson DM’d me last night, and what the mainstream media aren’t telling you is that he was actually Kenyan. Or Hawiian. Or maybe that was Barack Osama. But they’re not telling you that either. I’d like to see how he’d have coped if he’d had to spend a night in Briton’s toughest prison cell. Without a TV. Pathetic.

[Sniffs and rubs wax into hair]

Muhammad Ali

If he hadn’t been a Muslim no-one would ever have heard of him. No talent, nothing. Hated his country and too cowardly to fight in Vietnam. You’ve got to know how to look after yourself in prison and he’d have been beaten to a pulp. What a pussy. I’ve been told by someone very close to Muhammad that all his fights were rigged. The mainstream media had to make sure a Muslim won the World Heavyweight Title. White girls never had a chance.


Martin Luther King

Completely out of touch. Coward who didn’t dare to tell the truth. Died young, probably from a cocaine overdose (although the mainstream media keep that fact very quiet). Wouldn’t have coped if he’d come across Muslims in jail, as I did when I was wrongly imprisoned, unless he was a Muslim which a lot of people think he may have been.

[Rubs wax into hair]


To the mainstream media a cuddly lion, but I’m telling you, he wasn’t cuddly at all. Why does no-one question what this Somalian monster was doing hanging around with Susan, Lucy, Peter and Edmund? The truth is horrific. And yet we don’t hear anything about it do we, because Aslan was a Muslim. I met lions like that in HMP Onley. They had a prayer room opposite my cell, and some nights you couldn’t sleep for their roaring. I coped though, you have to.

[Sniffs and rubs wax into hair]

Nigel Farage

There’s a lot the mainstream media haven’t told you about Nigel. I’d love to say more, but for legal reasons all I can tell you is that he wouldn’t last 24 hours in prison. Certainly not without a TV, as I did.

[Sniffs and rubs wax into hair]

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Author: Matthew

I have been a barrister for over 25 years, specialising in crime. You may also have come across some of my articles I have written on legal issues for The Times, Standpoint, Daily Telegraph or Criminal Law & Justice Weekly

9 thoughts on “Guest Post: Tommy Robinson tells you what the MSM covers up”

  1. Guest comment by Tommy – who sends his love by the way !!!

    Bloody defence barristers – what f*****g use are they if you can’t break the law and get away with it ? Overpaid c***s !

  2. This doggerel is neither believable, nor humorous. What exactly did T.R. do to you to deserve this despicable, mean-spirited slander? “A prophet is not without honour, except in his own country.”

  3. Yet again, hasbara Robinson proves what an asshole he is by insulting the late great Muhammad Ali. As for Malala, I’ve always thought she’s cute, though I can’t wait to hear what she says if a tabloid hack asks her what she thinks about “gay” marriage.

  4. Should you ever decide to abandon the law for a career in comedy, the legal profession’s loss will be the comedy profession’s loss.

  5. On balance, Matthew is a good thing. You just have the take the occasional Silly (or in this case worse than Silly) piece with the Sensible.

  6. Very silly, unnecessary and spectacularly unfunny. It was worse than watching the Mash Report and that’s saying something.

    Why not a guest post from Inspector Knacker of South Yorkshire Police entitled ‘How we ignored the reports and evidence of mass sexual abuse by Asian gangs – its a funny old tale’.

    I’m sure the story of burying reports and ignoring evidence of industrial scale sexual assault and rape of women and girls in the name of ‘social cohesion’ will be a hoot Matthew with your obvious talent for mockery.

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